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Shower With a Friend Day

Shower With a Friend Day

I’m not quite sure what to say about this day … so instead wrote a small Sylum Snippet

Ethan was pretty sure there wasn’t a section on him that wasn’t covered in mud.  As he glanced at Will, if it was him, at the moment he wasn’t quite sure since he looked like something out of the Swamp Thing.

“I hate you.”

And now he knows it was truly Brandt.  “You love me.”

“No, at this moment I hate you.”  Will glared over at him, shaking his head flinging mud everywhere.  “The mud has mud on it, and all I want is a shower.”

“There’s a shower in the safehouse.”  Ethan flicked more mud off his arms and like a dog he shook his body flinging it everywhere.

“Fuck you!”  Brandt yelled wiping more mud off. “I get the shower first.”

“Oh no.”  He stood in front of his husband, hands on hips.

“Don’t play that game with me.”  Will’s eyes narrowed.

“Fine, we’ll share.”

“You know I’m too tired, filthy, and just don’t even care enough to argue.”

Without an ounce of shame, they both stripped in the wet room of the small farmhouse, and made their way through the house, sending the rumba into a frenzy.   Lucky the shower was big enough for two, and well neither of them were big men.

The warm water cascade around them, sending steam through the bathroom.  It took both of them, to help the other clean off all the mud from hair, body parts, and places mud should never be.

Once they were clean Will pushed Ethan against the wall, giving him a sassy grin.


Ethan turned his head to see both their Mates watching them.

“Oh do go on.” Benji waved his hand at the two of them.

Luther rolled his eyes.  “The rumba threatened to quit, and I tossed your clothes out, there was no saving them.”

Ethan pulled back the door, and stepped out not caring he was naked, instead walked into the warm fluffy towel Luther held up.  “Want to makes sure I’m clean.”

“No, I’m going to get you dirty, again.”  Luther’s chuckle was low as he dragged his Mate out of the bathroom.”

Benji just looked at his Mate. “Oh shower sex!”  Stripped off his clothes and had Will up against the tile in seconds, making sure all the mud was gone from those private places.


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