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National Sunglass Day

National Sunglass Day

There was no way we could pass up this National Day without our favorite Head of Security!

Nico walked into Horatio’s office at the New Orleans Forensics Lab, with a grin on his face that usually meant the redhead was going to be covering up some type of crime.  He had a long talk with Mac, about how to ignore key evidence at Crime Scenes because they both had idiots who ‘helped people’ though didn’t tell anyone they were doing it or thought no one knew.

Well at least Nico and Westen were subtle, most of the time there was no evidence to be found.

Sam and Kenway … well it was a good thing Warrick handled the messes Kenway made.

“How can I help you?”  He leaned back in his chair trying not to show his worry.

“Don’t worry I’m not hear about any police business.”  It was then Horatio realized Nick was actually in his SWAT gear, so it would seem the unit was at the main station.  Sam, the dog not the pirate, was sitting patiently next to him.  “I thought you would want these.”  He sauntered into the room, and set down a pair of sunglasses.  A pair he swore was lost a few weeks back.

“Where the hell did you find these?”  He asked picking them up, instinctively putting them on.

“Next to my Shelby.”

Horatio was glad he had put the sunglasses on, but he was sure he was blushing.

It was a really hot night, Speed had taken for a ride on his Harley.  By the time they got back to the garage they were hot, sweaty, and keyed up … the bike wasn’t really big enough and Horatio didn’t have the flexibility his Mate did.  It hadn’t taken him long to get Speed off the bike and onto the hood of the nearest car, which was Nico’s Shelby.

“Must of slipped out of my pocket, on my way to work.”

The two stared at each other.

Nico chuckled, then laid his keys and the St. Patrick of Ireland coin he carried with him.

The two continued to stare at each other.

“My car needed a good waxing.” 

Horatio couldn’t help the laughter, as both lost the battle.  “At least it was mine and not Warrick’s Audi or the Impala, though we all know the Impala as seen some good times.  But she’s Dean’s girl and doesn’t share.”

The redhead shook his head still laughing.  “I’m sure the Audi has seen some moments.”

Nico gave him a wink, as he turned for the door.  “Well it’s a good thing one of us is flexible.”


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