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National Kiss A Ginger Day

National Kiss A Ginger Day

It’s National Kiss A Ginger Day!

I had two people request a Star Wars snippet of some sort for winning the Trivia … here’s at least one of them!

This one is Sylum related.

Obi-Wan was hiding in his room.

Yes the great High General of the 3rd Army of the Republic, Sith Slayer, Roman, almost 100 year old Vampire – was hiding in his room.   Staring at the door suspiciously.  

He wasn’t sure what was happening, but at the moment it was safer for him, tucked away far away from his men.

The day had started out innocently enough.  He had spent the morning in meditation, contacted Anakin to talk about a learning module he had questions about, one he wanted to give to Ashoka, then had a nice long chat with his Mate, who was on the other side of the galaxy working with one of the relief units in helping heal planets destroyed by war.   Qui-Gon didn’t agree with the war, well in truth never did Obi-Wan, but they both agreed that his Mate wasn’t cut out to be a General.  So instead Qui-Gon had a unit of men, who had weren’t fit for battle but still fit and able, and they worked on humanitarian missions caused by the war.   It was helped the image of the Jedi and Clones.

He then stepped out of his room, making his way to the mess hall.  

It had started with Boil and Waxer, both had called out to him, then each kissed him on the cheek giving him a grin and wandered off.

Obi-Wan watched them for a moment, shrugged and made a mental note to talk to Cody to see if there were any bets going around the 212th.   

By the time he finished breakfast, he was sure someone was pranking him.

Wooley kissed him on top of his head.

Crys took his hand and made a dramatic bow and kissed his hand.

Longshot blew him a kiss.

Gregor snuck a kiss on his neck.

Obi-Wan finished his meal and high tailed it out of the Mess Hall, before the rest of the 212th showed up.   By the time he made his way to medical, fully concerned something was influencing the men, he had been kissed either on the cheek, forehead, hand by almost every trooper he ran into.  It had been the shinies who blushed the hardest, a few tried for a more intimate kiss, only to get yanked back by one of their vode.

“Snap.  Something is wrong with the men!”  He closed the door behind him and leaned against it.  “I think we picked up some pollen.”  He paused shook his head, then banged it back against the door.  “I can’t believe that just came out of my mouth.”

Snap snorted.  “All the Vod get checked after every mission, and none of them have allergies.”

The General gave him a look.  “Then what the hell is going on.   I’ve been kissed by almost every member of the 212th … ”  He paused when the medic smirked before standing from his chair, to make his way over.  “Oh not you too!!”

Snap gave him a soft kiss on the forehead.  “But our General is adorable, and deserves to be appreciated.”

“You’re all fucking insane! I’m hiding until y’all go back to normal!”  Obi-Wan knew he was feeling a bit stressed when the y’all popped up, he blamed Nico for that particular piece of vocabulary.   His Mate blamed the pirates for the rest of his language.  

He made it back to his rooms, without being kissed so he counted it as a win.   He may have used the Force to enhance his speed, and he doesn’t care what anyone says crawling through the vents is perfectly valid when trying to avoid everyone.

Obi-Wan jumped when there was a knock on his door, a few seconds before it opened.  Only three people had full access to his rooms.   Qui-Gon was on the other side of the galaxy.  Snap knew not to abuse it.  


His Commander closed the door behind him, setting a small tray down on the small table.  “Snap says you’re hiding.”

“You’re men have gone insane.”

“My men.”  Cody chuckled as he took off his bucket and set it on the armour rack located in the corner.  “When they doing something wrong they are suddenly mine.”

“This is how our marriage works.”  Obi-Wan snagged the tray that had some food and more importantly tea.  “When the ad’ika our being a pain in my shebs, they are totally yours.  After all they do look more like you my dear.”

Cody chuckled, then gave a pointed look at the left behind sandwich.  “I know you didn’t finish breakfast, Wooley was upset that you ran off.”

“Wooley needs to learn some personal space!”  Obi-Wan leaned against his desk and sipped the tea.  “So obviously you know why the men have gone batshit, so what’s going on and tell me the 501st didn’t win some bet and I’ll have to deal with a smug Anakin?”

“We were in formed that today is some weird Earth Holiday.”  Cody stepped closer to his General.  

Obi-Wan tried to figure out which particular weird holiday, the Commander was talking about.   “It’s not Valentines Day, that would be another month or so…”

“What’s Valentines Day?”

“Nothing.”  He wasn’t giving the men any more fuel for fire.  “So what is this weird Earth Holiday that is having the men kiss me every time they see me?”

“Kiss a Ginger Day.”  Cody smiled.  “General Jinn told us about it, and wanted to make sure you were appreciated.”

“I’m going to kill him.”  Obi-Wan set his tea down and crossed his arms over his chest.  “I’m actually sending my unhappiness to him as we speak.”

The Commander wrapped his arms around the General and pulled him closer.  “He actually asked me, to make sure you were taken care of, unfortunately Boil over heard the conversation and it spread across the entire 212th.”  Without hesitation he kissed him.  He felt Obi-Wan uncurl himself, hands slipping into Cody’s hair, pulling him closer as the kiss deepened.  It wasn’t often they had these moments, and despite the fact Cody knew General Jinn was good and even happy with him taking care of Obi-Wan at times it felt forbidden, yet right.

Obi-Wan pulled back slightly, smiling at his Commander.  “Well maybe I can see the appeal of the holiday.”  They both laughed as they dived in for a second kiss.   He could feel Qui-Gon’s humor and smugness, he only sent back his love and gratitude.



  1. najean1

    Poor Obi-wan! Leave it to Qui-Gon to set something up to drive his Mate crazy.
    The 212th had no trouble getting with the program since they all adore “their” Jetti!
    Adorable, just adorable snippet…
    —Naj 😀 😀

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