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Sylum Advent 2021: December 25th (Snippet #3)

Sylum Advent 2021: December 25th (Snippet #3)

Title: Family – A Time to Sow

Author: Bj Jones

Author’s Notes: This is a section of chapter two, I’m still working on it as we speak

Nick stayed in one of the back labs, going through his case notes, preparing for court. He was perfectly fine hiding away, ignoring the melodrama that seemed to fester these past few months.

Vachon had contacted him, stating that Norrington had shown up, and he was going to try and see how to get into the Locker. Meanwhile Sparrow had taken out the Black Pearl and was heading for the Isle of Murieta, to confront Barbossa. They were all in agreement that they should let Barbossa break the curse, finally, but wanted to make sure he didn’t bleed the guy out in the process.

He had contacted Lief to ask if he knew anything about the Locker. When he started yelling in Norwegian, Nico figured that was a no. He got the equivalent of ‘get off my boat’ when he hung up on him.

Randolph was at least friendly, and explained that Bruce Wayne had come up with some new show about Crab Fishing, and they now had camera crews on their boats when they went out fishing.

‘Lief hasn’t killed them yet?’

‘Yet.’ Randolph laughed lightly. ‘As for your question. I was there for Blackbeard, but was more associated with the Mermaids. They may know how to get in and out, but it would only be big enough for them. I haven’t seen them for a while though. I could put out a message to see if my girl shows up.’

‘Any idea how to get a hold of Enki?’

‘Through the mermaids, not like he carries a cell phone. If she shows up, I’ll let her know what’s going on, she’ll let Enki know. He has no problem confronting Davy or Blackbeard.’

Nico nodded. ‘Thanks Randolph.’

‘No problem, it’s been a while since I went fishing for mermaids, it should be fun to scare the shit out of my crew.’

Nico laughed as the two hung up. He would contact Vachon, to update him on the hunt for Davy Jones.

It said a lot about his life, that he didn’t even blink at conversations about Mermaids, Davy Jones, and the Ends of the World.

When he heard the door open, he closed his eyes and sighed, sending up prayers to the gods that it wasn’t Catherine. As time had dragged on, he was having a harder time not lashing out, he was sure she was making his life a living hell to make him leave.

Someone obviously never told her, never to try and out stubborn a Roman.

He opened his eyes, then paused at the sight of who was standing in front of him. “Ecklie, what can I do for you?”

“So what, Catherine wants to fuck you now?” He asked, hands on his hips, looking annoyed, agitated, and just pissed off with the children. “Don’t think I haven’t seen her bitchiness. I have no idea what’s up with this team, you’re a bunch of angsty teenagers who are really good at their jobs.”

Nick tried hard not to laugh, instead snorted at the accurate statement. “Not me. She wants Warrick.” He wasn’t lying, but it also wasn’t the whole story.

“Are you kidding me?” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “What the fuck does she want with him?”

“I’m going to go on a limb here, and say his big black dick.”

Ecklie glared at him, trying so hard not to chuckle. “Yet you get it and she’s bitchy about it?”

“I don’t know. Gil and I worked out most of our issues. After the burial he had difficulties letting me out by myself, but it wasn’t just him and considering the circumstances I got it.” He set down his notes, and leaned against the work table. “I’m a little tired of being everyone’s boy they can kick, but since it hasn’t affected my job, I’m willing to ignore it. Especially as going to HR would be an epic PR nightmare, which is why we’re having this chat in a back room, and not officially in your office.”

“See this is why I like you.”

“You also accused me of murder.” He pointed out, smirking slightly.

“Well lucky me, your attack lawyer focused on Gil.” Ecklie gave him a grin. “Okay next question, and promise you won’t hit me.”

“Ecklie, I wouldn’t hit you, I would send my attack lawyer after you.” He gave him a look, before putting his notes in order.

“Does Catherine know Warrick’s your Mate?”

Nico was getting sick and tired of random people knowing about Vampires, let alone getting caught out with it from left field. He set his notes down, leaned against the counter, and stared at Ecklie for a few moments. “You have five minutes to explain, before I let Warrick hit you.”

“Ed Deline,” he answered with ease. “We’ve been friends for about a decade, I knew about him and McCoy, and sadly it took me longer to figure out you and Warrick. I’ll give you two credit, you hid it damn well. And the only way I found out you were Vampires was because I asked him…”

The past twelve hours had been the longest twelve hours of his life. He had stopped himself from shanking the Under Sheriff, and if he did, he figured the lab would help him cover it up, since the Sheriff was simply riding Nick’s trauma for the publicity.

Catherine had gone to her mob boss father for the ransom.

Gil had run off and done the stupidest thing on the planet, almost got himself killed, and he bitched about Nick’s wild stunts? Please!

Then Judge Stokes had upped and disappeared.

And his imagination had been showing him the man on a hunt through Vegas doing things that could get him arrested. Though Ecklie had to admit, the Judge hadn’t been anything he’d expected and looked way too young to have nine kids, the youngest being Nick.

He hadn’t been having a good day, and the only thing he’d wanted was for them to find Nick, because if they lost him, the Lab would fall apart and he’d worked too damn hard for that to happen.

So he’d called the one person who could help in ways that even Ecklie didn’t always understand.

‘What the hell do you want?’ Ed Deline sounded tired and pissed off.

“I need some help.” Ecklie was in his car on the way to the crime scene, where Gil had faced the kidnapper without backup. “Look, one of my guys is in serious trouble, and the legal ways aren’t working. You know things Ed. You know what I’m talking about.”

‘Is this about Stokes?’ Ed’s tone softened.

“Yes. He’s been missing for over twelve hours and statistically as each hour goes by, it’s less and less likely we’ll find him in time. Right now it looks like he has air, but the kidnapper blew himself up and I’m not sure if any of us will survive this.” Ecklie realized how much of the truth that last statement contained.

‘Why call me?’

“You’re CIA, you’ve got connections I don’t want to know about. You’re a Vampire for God’s sake! You have to be able to do something. I’ve covered things for you!” Ecklie didn’t want to think about the few crime scenes he’d had to fake up or ignore because of Rogues that Ed or McCoy had taken out. “I’m calling in my favor. Right now, Ed.”

‘Conrad.’ His friend’s voice held a warmth that many didn’t get to hear. ‘I’m going to tell you something that will likely get my ass kicked down the road, but you need to know.’

“What!?” he snapped, tired of everything.

‘Nick will be fine. Don’t ask any questions, just listen.’ Ed cut him off at the pass. ‘He’s a Vampire, and Warrick is his Mate. He’ll survive this, Nick is a fighter. Do not place odds against him, you will lose every time. And I’m already on it, as are so many others in this town.’

Ecklie pulled his phone from his ear, stared at it for a few moments, then laughed slightly on the edge of hysterics. ‘That explains so much.’

Just as he pulled up to the crime scene it hit him that Gil’s death, not death, meant the same thing.

Ed had been right, between the Lab’s tenaciousness and Stokes’ stubbornness they had found him. He took time off to get his head back on, and came back to the lab with a smile on his face, making sure everyone knew he was okay. Ecklie watched from the distance, as Nick’s shyness, reluctiness and softer demanier disappeared, and in its stead he saw a man who can fight, has fought, and will keep fighting.

When he noticed Catherine started to act out towards him, he was so done with the angsty teenage drama from the night shift.

“I’ll be having words with Ed.” Nico took a calming breath, then crossed his arms over his chest. “For your answer, yes she knows about Vampires and Mates.”

“Yet she keeps poking at you?” He asked incredulously.

Nick shrugged, not willing to say more. “Is there anything else?”

“Yes and this is way more important than Catherine or Gil’s epic crushes.” He tossed an envelope on the table. “These came to the lab, asking if the integrity of the lab was worth two fags.”

He reached over and grabbed the envelope dumping the same set of photos they had received at the house. It’s mostly of him and Warrick around the city, the latest at one of the clubs. He was lucky they didn’t show them Feeding, but they usually did that in the private areas. If someone got photos from that section, Jeremiah would flip his ever loving Victorian shit.

“We received a similar package. There’s no prints, postmark, or any trace on it to track.” He tossed them back onto the table. “Warrick and I are out at the lab, and it’s known we’re in a relationship.”

“I was surprised the press hadn’t made comments about it after the hoopla with your burial.” Ecklie frowned, not liking that two of his people were being stalked or the fact the lab was being threatened.

“Of course they didn’t!” Nico re-picked up the photos, looking through them hoping to find anything despite the fact he looked at them a few times already. “The only paper that did was more focused on the fact the lab had a gay couple, then a CSI taken from a crime scene and held for randsom. It was pure homophobic bullshit. The rest of the newspapers just didn’t add in the fact that I had a lover, let alone a black one, because it was too ‘controversial’.”

“Sure you don’t want my job?” He asked, a hint of humor in his voice.

“I already run my own Clan I don’t need to deal with a lab full of children.” Nick snorted, making a note to contact Van Helsing about the latest batch of photographs. So far the Hunter hadn’t been able to find anything, and pointed out he wasn’t a CSI. Bauer was too busy working on Braun, the only other set of Hunters that may be able to do any work in finding who the homphobic prick would be Jimmy and Noah.

He paused for a moment when sudden inspiration hit, he needed to contact Alistair as soon as possible.

“You’re a Clan Leader? Of course you are, that explains so much now. Yeah okay, I’m smacking Ed later for forgetting that part of the equation.” Ecklie had his own conversation there for a moment. Suddenly the time he took off during Hurricane Katrina made more sense. It was more to do with his Clan, than him being a CSI. At the time he didn’t care why he was away, just pulled every string he had, reminded the Sheriff about getting smacked by Mr. Stokes, and made sure Nick had a smooth transition back to work.

Nicolaus chuckled lightly, then bowed his head for a moment. “Nicolaus Meridius, Roman General.”

“Warrick is a pirate isn’t he?” Ecklie shook his head smiling slightly as Nick started laughing. He paused for a moment, feeling the back of his hair go up. “And he’s right behind me.”

“Should I be concerned you two are behaving like old friends? Is it a full moon?” Warrick gave Ecklie a suspicious glare, then turned to his Mate giving him a ‘what the fuck is this’ glare.

“He was telling me about his relationship with Ed Deline.” Nico nodded towards Ecklie, who shifted slightly away from the Pirate. “Also wanted to show us these.”

He slid a few of the photos over the table to Warrick, who set his file folders down to look at them. “These are the same ones we got at the house.”

“We had a note asking how the lab feels about it’s reputation, adding how it would be a shame if some good old cops were to find out about the fags.” Ecklie informed him, once again feeling a headache coming on. “I wasn’t sure if you two were aware.”

“Yeah we’ve got the same shit.” He dropped the photographs. “It’s fear mongering and black mail. Though I’m not sure what their aim is, at least not yet.”

“Do I need to get someone to investigate? Someone you two would be comfortable with?” He glanced between them, watching as the two communicated without saying a word. How the hell he missed that for years he had no idea, some CSI he was. “Someone not Catherine or Gil.” He didn’t miss the growl from Warrick.

“We have a Hunter on it.” Nico answered the question. “And about to pull in a second set, that works for the U.S. Marshalls so it would look legit and all.”

“I don’t really want to get into your Clan business, I’m fine being friends with Ed and leaving it at that. But this does affect the lab, and I would appreciate being kept updated at least on this situation.” Ecklie paused, closed his eyes for a moment, sighing slightly. “And if Catherine keeps up whatever this is …”

“I’ll keelhaul her ass.”

“Okay, can we not do that?” He glared at Warrick, who gave him a sly smirk. “I’m going to guess you’re not going to make a formal complaint.” They shook their heads. “If it gets out of hand, like it did with Gil, I will step in.”

“Fair enough.” Nico gave him a nod, as the Deputy of the lab gave them one last look, and left the room. “Well that was interesting.”

“Did we make friends with Ecklie?” Warrick shuddered at the thought. “I need a shower.”

“Well when your old allies have turned against you, it’s best to make friends with your enemies to prepare for a side attack.” Nico picked up the pictures to put them in the folders to pause at one of them.

“How very Roman of you … what?” Warrick noticed his hesitation.

He turned the photo around, to show him. “This is from the house. It’s from Saturday when you had me over the couch.”

He grabbed the photo, peering at it closely. He hadn’t seen that one before, it must have been special for the lab. The image itself looked harmless, Warrick had Nick trapped against the couch, kissing him passionately. Nico had just come back from court, looking hot in his suit, and he couldn’t help himself, and had the coat, tie and shirt on the floor in seconds.

“It’s been way too long since you had your wicked way with me, Pirate.” Nick moaned as Warrick palmed his cock through his pants.

“You’re mine Lord Leavy,” Warrick unbuttoned the slacks, quickly discarding them along with the boxers. “Turn around, lean against the back of the couch.”

As Nick maneuvered into position, he grinned as he looked over his shoulder wiggling his ass slightly. Warrick had grabbed the lube from the side table drawer, then gave him a playful smack, causing the older Vampire to yelp. “Anytime now!” He moaned as he felt two slick fingers entering him. He pushed back against them, while he stroked his aching cock.

“Mine!” Warrick batted his hand away from the leaking member. “You just hold on while I ride your beautiful ass.”

Nick gripped the couch as he was entered in one long thrust.

Warrick pulled out then slammed back in moaning at the feel of tight heat surrounding him. He pulled on Nick’s hips angling him so he could just pound into him with ease, with each thrust Nick yelled out gripping at the cushions. “God you’re beautiful like this.”

Nick moaned as each thrust slid across his prostate. He was hard and hurting and wanted nothing but to come.

Warrick pulled Nick back, changing the angle of his thrusts, causing both of them to cry out. He leaned back against his Mate, head resting on his shoulder, panting with need and lust. Warrick gripped his hips, leaving bruises in his wake as he thrust in deep, his teeth sinking into Nick’s neck, the intensity of the Bond hitting him and sending him over the edge with a groan. He licked the wound closed, panting against his Mate’s neck.

Nico turned in Warrick’s arms. “I love you. Now take me to bed.”

Warrick kissed him hard, and before Nick could protest, he picked up the smaller man, tossed him over his shoulder and carried him towards their bedroom. “You’re going to be a bit sore for work later.”

“I didn’t hear anyone outside.” Nico gave him a look. “After Crane the one thing I’ve been very away of is my surroundings, especially at home. I would’ve heard a heartbeat.”

“Fuck, so we are dealing with a Vampire.” Warrick grabbed the rest of the photos, there were two others that were around their home, one of Warrick in the garage, and another of Nico going through the mail. “Though, they could be using a telephoto lenses.”

“Or for all we know they live across the street, and hate the fags.” Nico ran his hands over his face in frustration. “I’m going to call Alistair, see if he’s a part of this.”

Warrick crossed his arms over his chest. “I didn’t think about that, could he be on his next crusade for Frankie?”

“It’s a good ploy, and keeps a certain someone out of the situation. She’s not homophobic, as she knows about us.” Nico pointed out, watching as Warrick worked through the whole scenario. “If he’s not playing this game, he may have noticed who is.”

He nodded following Nico’s reasoning. “It’s about time your pet mercenary came in handy. Now for the reason I’m actually here. Your case from yesterday is my case from today. Our labs came back, we share DNA.”

“Well that’s interesting.”

The two started going over both cases, getting lost in the science for a moment forgetting everything else around them.


  1. najean1

    I almost feel sorry for poor Ecklie. I remember a joke from another story about someone didn’t get Ecklie’s memo about everyone on the night shift being Vampies. I’ live ?how he found out about Nick and Warrick being Vampires: his friendship with Ed Deline.
    Alistair is in play, yay!
    This is really good…
    —Naj:D ♥️♥️

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