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It’s a Monday

It’s a Monday



Lets start off with a pretty picture for Monday morning.

And now onto Monday’s Announcements

First:  Let me apologize for not posting a Calender for March.  There has been a lot of stuff going on in RL and before I knew it…it was March 8th and no time to put one together.  The calender will be back in April!! *shifty look*

Second: For those who are working on Spring Fling – just checking in to see how things are going!

Third: Bob has been on a wild spree having way too much fun plotting with Bob 2 making life difficult for their writers *glares at unrepentant rabbits*.  The 10th Anniversary of Clan War is moving along as is the CSI: Anthology that will lead up to the re-release.

And to be an evil tease… here is another snippet from the Anthology *evil cackle*

~ Set in Boom ~

“How can I help you? Mr…” Gil’s voice hardened slightly not liking the man in front of him.

“Harvey Specter of Pearson Hardman.” He didn’t extend his hand in greeting. “I’m Mr. Stokes attorney.”

“No chargers were brought against him,” he said simply.

“Irrelevant.  You harassed my client, tarnished his professional reputation, and slandered his good name.” Harvey slipped his hands in his pocket, only to sneer when he pulled it back out with more goo.  He found the nearest shelf and wiped it off.

“Nick has the right to bring up those grievances with his union rep and the HR Department for the Lab.” Grissom stayed calm refusing to rise to the bait.

“I wanted to sue your ass, but Nick is too kind hearted to be an asshole.” He glared down at the older gentleman. “In truth Mr. Grissom I don’t like you.  I don’t like how you treat Nick. I don’t like how you hold him up to a double standard.  I think your motives towards my client are personal and I just can’t figure out if you want to tuck him into bed or fuck him into it.”

“How dare you!”


  1. Oh MAN!!!! You are TEASE!!! How long will you keep us in torment???? GRINS! I really am looking forward to this. Time to go visit my friends as Sylum!!!

    Thank you all for your hard work to share a wonderful site and work with us!!!

  2. Gil Grissom

    Working on ideas for artwork. Was going to work on them this week, but having either an allergy attack or getting another damned cold (ugh). I’ll let you know how it’s going once I’m not falling over dead. 😀

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