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Happy Mojito Day

Happy Mojito Day

It’s Mojito Day!  A day to celebrate Sam Axe and his love for mojitos!

Sylum Snippet by Bj Jones

Sam stood at the front entrance of their loft apartment, staring at the sight before him.  This is not what he was expecting.  He glanced behind him, then around to make sure he was in the right place.  Once he fully established, that yes he was in the apartment above ‘Burn Notice’, and the trinkets, furniture, weapons, and spy equipment was scattered around were theirs … he continued to stare at the sight before him.

Michael Westen was leaning against the kitchen bar, wearing nothing.  Not a stitch, naked as the day he was born, sipping on a mojito.


“Happy Mojito Day, Sam.”  He gave him a saucy grin as he sipped the Mojito.

“Oh man, my two favorite things together in one place.”  He moved across the room, took the glass out of Michael’s  hand sipped the drink then kissed his Mate with everything he had.  “I like this holiday!”

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