Coming Soon: 10th Anniversary Clan War (Finale)

For those who clicked on this – thinking OMG it’s the Final Chapter – sorry about that.

Yes as mentioned earlier, Clan War has been finished!  It will be posted during Advent, along with the video and fanmix that will go with it.

Now for a few things about the finale.

This wasn’t an easy chapter.  Every word was painfully put down onto paper.

Matter of fact the final version, you’ll read at Advent, was the 4th version of this story!

Some of you are going – wait what about Going Home and Loved One Lost?

As the 10th Anniversary worked it’s way through the story, a lot of things were changed.  We took out many of the ‘fanfiction’ moments, and worked to incorporate the storyline that was built over the past ten years.  By removing some of these elements, much of Going Home became void, which contributed to the difficultly on how to wrap up the series.

As for Loved One Lost, it was decided early on that it would be pulled from Clan War as in fact it’s a separate story and will center on ‘Grave Danger’.

Aftermath is not quite what you’ll expect, but it’s the perfect wrap up of Clan War: 10th Anniversary Edition.


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