Goof-Off Day

You all have my permission to goof off for the day!

For February’s Trivia Answer Tena asked for Horatio/Speed

Speed came to a screeching halt on the Manor’s back porch.  He blinked, closed his eyes counted to ten in at least three languages, blinked again, then stared in open shock.

His Mate, Mr. Armani suit I don’t relax unless tucked away into a dark room where no one can see me, was running around the back yard in jeans – fucking jeans – and a, wait is that his t-shirt, oh dear God he wasn’t going to survive this encounter.

His hands waved at the sight, not quite sure how to express what exactly he was seeing.

“It’s National Goof Off Day.”  Longworth shrugged seeing the Clan Advisor flailing like a mad thing, which he could understand considering his own Mate, Mr. I only let my hair down when I’m on stage, was involved in the game of tag on the back lawns.

“And?” Speed still waved his hands at the spectacle.

“Nico started it, Tony ran out in jeans which prompted Jethro to join in, next minute I knew, Horatio, Dwight and Shep were all involved.  It’s some elaborate game of tag, I’m not sure who’s winning, but it does look like fun.”

“So you’re sitting here?”  He asked still not sure what all this had to do with Horatio looking like a teenager, but he was going to enjoy the view.

“Broke my foot yesterday still healing.”  He sipped his Mint Julep.  “Don’t ask how, unless you want details.”

Speed wisely didn’t, instead he stripped off his blue shirt tossing it over the railing, leaving him in his t-shirt and jeans, lucky he rarely wore shoes.  And before Longworth could smirk, he got in the middle of it, only to get tagged by sis, and  oh the game was on.

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  1. Paula Cas says:

    LOL A nice timeout in my morning.

  2. najean1 says:

    Loved it! Goofed off so much I didn’t reply until now…. **giggle**
    —-Naj 😀

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