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Pi Day

Pi Day

National Pi Day!

Obviously Dean’s favorite Day!

Sylum Snippet for Naj for winning January’s Trivia

Dean was sitting at their kitchen table, the fact they had a kitchen table still amazed him, looking over his notes for the upcoming test.  The fact he was studying for tests, to get his degree in Engineering was even more amazing than the fact they had a kitchen table.

Sam had a late study session, hopefully the blonde bitch that kept hitting up on him wouldn’t drive him to crazy, but he wasn’t holding his breath.  She had been able to ignore all the signs that Sam was taken, hell she ignored the others in their group telling her that Sam was taken.

Dean was going to have to show up one day in one of those pair of jeans Stark sent him to let her know – Sam was taken and more importantly Sam was his.  Had been since he was four years old, but then they don’t talk about that aspect of their lives.

He heard the door open, the drop of bags, curses from Sam as he managed to stub his toe on their couch … yes the the fact they had a couch, hell their own apartment, still amazed him … the same couch he stubs his toe on, every time he comes home.

Dean ignored the noise coming from the living room, though he wondered how his Mate was a feared Vampire Hunter making all the racket.  A few moments later it was too quiet, he glanced up to see Sam standing in front of him with a shit eating grin that usually meant he was going to have a really good time.


“You don’t remember do you?”  Sam was almost giddy with anticipation.

“It’s not your birthday day, or your death day.”

“You remember those?”  He looked a little perplexed.

“I also remember you first word, when you took your first step, the first time you told dad to fuck off, when you lost your virginity, and the first time you said you loved me.”  Dean rolled his eyes at the sappy look on his Mate’s face. “But obvious I forgot something very important.”

“It’s because it’s an important date for you, not me.”  Sam smiled, as he pulled the fresh pie from behind his back and set it down in front of his Mate.  “Happy Pi Day!!”

Dean leaned back in his seat, remembering back to the previous year, when Sam woke him up with a pie. He had called out that day and enjoyed his pie and Mate.

“Got some forks?”  He winked at Sam, before reaching over and pulling him into a heated kiss. “Thanks.”

“Your welcome.” He kissed him again, then pulled out two forks from his pocket.  “I heard pie tastes really good off lawyers.”

Dean rolled his eyes at the cheesy line, but decided to find out if it was true.

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  1. najean1

    Loved it! Thank you so much for the story. Dean, Sam and Pi day PIE. What more could any girl want— other than a third fork so she can see if pie tastes good on lawyers.
    Enjoyed it so much. The bit about stubbing a toe on the couch was a good one.
    Thanks again!
    —-Naj 😀

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