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Fast Food Day

Fast Food Day

It’s National Fast Food Day!

Yes, you have my permission to get Fast Food on your way home from work, school, etc …

And Oh look a Snippet that hits TWO!  YES TWO!  From my Snippet list!

Nyx wanted Tony Stark

Norma wanted Dean & Sam

Combine those two with hamburgers, match made in Fast Food Heaven

The moment Sam stepped out into the Los Angeles sun, his headache got worse!  Sitting in a board room with a half dozen attorneys and paralegals was not his idea of a good time, but a fascinating learning experience.  He had clerked with the Supreme Court Justice last summer, while Dean had interned at the New York offices for Stark Industries.  This summer, the last one before they graduate, they ended up in Los Angeles both working of Stark Industries.   Sam was still debating on if he wanted to pursue a career working at the Supreme Court or Stark Industries.  Working with Stark will give him flexibility to still do Hunting, with Dean.   And so far no one blinked when he mentioned his husband, might have something to do with the fact that Tony fired a high VP for making homophobic comments about Scott.

The VP had been lucky he wasn’t tossed off the roof, Pepper had told him it would make a stain on the pavement, and would be hard to clean.

“Looking for someone?”

Sam glanced over at Scott.  “Who stole who?”

“Mutual kidnapping.”  The oldest Tracy brother laughed lightly.  “Tony wanted an excuse to ditch a meeting, Dean has some of Tony’s bad habits of not eating while working.”  Sam frowned, it was something Dean had done since childhood.  “So Tony suggested burgers.”

“Did they forget they were our ride?”  Sam noticed the Impala was not in the parking lot.

Scott nodded towards the sports car.  “I got JARVIS tracking Tony, so we can meet up with them.   Tony knows better than getting In & Out without me!”

“Dude!” Sam gave him a horrified expression.  “There’s only so much I’ll forgive!  Ditching me for In & Out!”  The two laughed on the way over to the car.

“Remind me to tell you the one time I found Tony sitting in an oversize donut, eating a dozen donuts.”  Scott slipped on his sunglasses and pulled out of the parking lot, leaving behind a few new tire marks.   The man was an adrenaline junky, though claims to be the calm one.


Dean grinned when he saw Sam, waved with a few French fries in his hand.  “Hey you got out of the meeting.”  Sam grabbed a handful of fries, chowed down, gave him a quick kiss then went to order his own food.  “Bitch!”


Tony shook his head.  “Such loving endearments.”

Scott stole the milkshake, giving his Mate a small grin. “Snuggims.”

“I’ll get a divorce.”  Tony grabbed his milkshake back.  

“As long as you keep the kids, and by kids, I mean my brothers. I’m okay with it.”  Scott laughed at Tony’s indigent glare, then followed Sam to get some food.

“JARVIS.”  Tony glanced down at one of his own phones that had been upgraded, he really needed to have a chat with Uncle Harold.  “You betrayed me, you’re supposed to be on my side.”

“I like Scott better, and request if there is a divorce that I stay with dad.”

Dean laughed, setting his burger down before he dropped it.  “Dude, that totally makes you mom.”

Tony rolled his eyes, hiding the small smile.  “You can’t talk considering your love affair with this car.”

“Don’t diss my girl.”  He patted her on the hood. 

“Don’t get between Dean his car.”  Sam leaned against the side, next to his Mate.  “I have learned that the car will pick him every damn time, and I’m pretty sure he will pick it over me.”

Dean shrugged slightly.  “Doesn’t stop you from fucking me over the hood.”

Scott snorted up the milkshake, laughing and coughing as he tried to clean up the mess.  “So you share Dean with the car.”

Tony shook his head.  “It is at least comfortable I’ve been in smaller places.”

Scott grinned, trying not to think of some of the hot moments in the hot rod.  “Before we get arrested for corrupting young minds.  Did you two just had a hankering for burgers or running away?”


Dean and Tony fist bumped.

“Besides it’s National Fast Food Day.”

Sam kissed his Mate deeply, not caring if anyone found it offensive.  “You are such a fucking geek.”


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