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All Souls Day

All Souls Day

Blessings to you and your family.


(And a small Sylum Snippet)

(Yes, finally crosses one off my to do list! For Kathie who wanted Tony Crisafi/The Pope)


Pius had gotten up early to go down to the Basilica and pray for the departed souls.  He liked the quietness of the Basilica, and being around the Saints and former Popes.   He wasn’t surprised to find Ernesto already at his door, with a coffee in hand.   His faithful bodyguard may not be as awake as he let every one believe, though he knew if there was even a hint of a problem it would be dealt with before Pius even noticed!

He settled in front St. Michael and began his prayers.  He started with the Swiss Guard and Vatican Police officers that had given their lives over the years to protect the Holy See.  He prayed for his family, friends that he’s lost.  He prayed for those who names are only known to God.

By the time he looked up, the sun was starting to shine across St. Peter’s Square.   As he stood he could feel the age setting in, he wasn’t as young as he used to be, and he knew the job itself had aged him tremendously.   He was surprised to see a young man deep in prayer at one of the kneelers.   He glanced over to Ernesto to see him talking softly with the Keirnan and it took him a moment to recognize Nicolaus.

He watched silently as the young man finished his prayers then stood as he crossed himself with his rosary.   He turned to Pius going down on his left knee, Pius blessed him then urged him onto his feet.   “I do apologize, I feel as if I should know you.”

“Antonio Crisafi.”  He smiled softly.  “I heard you wanted to talk with me.”

Pius didn’t squee out loud, no matter what Ernesto said.   How could he not want to meet the young man, he was one of the original Knights of the Temple.  “Come walk with me, before I have to do all the things.”

Tony held out his arm, letting the Pope take it as they headed for the nearest exit that would lead to the private gardens.  “I have only heard good things about you, your Holiness.”

“I’m sure that wasn’t from Ernesto.”  Pius glanced back to see his bodyguard far enough behind to give privacy, but enough to deal with threats.

Tony laughed.  “He’s holding Papa hostage in case anything was to happen to you in my care.”

Pius glared at Ernesto, who only shrugged not having a care in the world.  “I would apologize but he’s not sorry.”  He patted Tony’s arm.  “Now tell me everything.”


  1. najean1

    Sneaky comments section. I come back to make sure it’s there and it’s not there. So, I start over again and add another thought to it, punch the comment button — and the original shows up as well. **sigh**
    Oh, well…
    —Naj : (

  2. Kathie

    Thank you so very much. It always made sense that these two should talk with each other. Antonio and the other Popes, also. The Church is Antonio’s area. I wonder if Pius will get anything done today?

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