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Evolution – It is Done

Evolution – It is Done

My writer has finally finished the anticipated Evolution Arc.

I admit I was kinda mean to her by changing storyline in the middle of writing, but I’m evil what can I say.   And to add to the fun filled excitement I made her rework Family to fit in storylines Bob 2 came up with, plus changes with in the many clan structures.

*High Paws Bob 2*

Family is  with Beta Bob, and once that one is finished and re-posted.  Evolution will be edited and posted.  *pokes* This means you will have to read the re-posting.  I didn’t go through all that hard work torementing my writer, and having Bob 2 torment his for nothing.

*rubs paws together*

Now that Evolution is done I’ve got wicked plans for Bj  *kicks away Graphic Gecko* go away I’ve got plans and I don’t care if you have vid ideas.  I got evil to plot.

The question is what do I get her to work on next.

– The IMF Bunny

– A-Team Bunny

– Taken Bunny

– Pirates 4

So many ideas so little time *eyes Graphic Gecko that is scurrying around the room*

*pokes the hip blogsters out there*

What would you like to see next?



  1. Jensen

    I vote for IMF, but that’s because of future things and it might get me to work on that other thing. You know the one…with explosions and running for your life and…okay that could really be any of a number of things.

    I’m getting a fence to keep the bunnies at bay.

    But look, you have a cute little bunny choir humming and whistling the IMF theme as another starts his high wire act right over there by your desk.

    1. Bj Jones

      You now what’s sad – I understand that hole thing!! Not sure if the bunny needs coffee or not.

      I’m thinking this weekend I need to sit and watch a few movies then sees what shakes loss.

      Like I had told Tony after cranking out Advent, re-editing Family, and finishing Evolution – I need a small break.

      But Bob is evil so not sure how long that break will be… and then there’s the graphic gecko

    2. Gil Grissom

      *snickers* Yes, the explosions and the running for your life is pretty much the norm for half the Vampires in existence.

      *turns to look at Riggs pointedly and watches him go all innocent-face*

      Yeah, we believe that one, dude…

  2. Elza

    Congrats!!!! Wonderful this is so exiting I can’t wait to read the re-edit of Family and Evolution!! ;D You know for the Bunny I’m kind of caught between Taken and Pirates 4. I’m really into Liam Neeson…But I’m in love with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom!!! ;D 😀

  3. Sparrow

    Hmmmm which would I pick. Not that I don’t want to see IMF, A-Team or Pirates (haven’t seen Taken so I don’t know anything about that one). But the ones I would like to see next aren’t on the list. 😉

  4. Jocelyn/wildbird

    I don’t care what you do as everything you write turns out to be great and worth reading about a dozen times(I’d say more but I don’t want it to seem like I have nothing much to do). Please Bj take a rest and come back soon.

  5. Shep

    I definitely say either IMF or A-Team, but then are you really surprised by that? 😀

    Can’t wait to read the edits on Family and then finally read Evolution, been looking forward to both!

  6. babygirl2667

    Congrats, General and I hope you enjoy your well deserved rest. You’ve done excellent work (all the Sylum writers have) and I can’t wait to read the new stories. While I haven’t seen IMF or Taken (and I do love Liam Neeson), I would read any one that you choose to write. I find myself watching movies mentioned in Sylum so I know who the characters are. So whatever you choose to write next, I’ll have new movies to watch!

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