Coffee House Friday

Sylum's Coffee House ImageDo you have a team you follow?

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  1. najean1 says:

    UL Cardinals, Seattle Mariners and Seattle Seahawks.
    —-Naj 🙂

  2. Paula Cas says:

    Don’t watch as much sports as I used to, but I watch the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates with my dad, root for Denny Hamilin in NASCAR ’cause he’s from an area not too far from where we live.

  3. d kallio says:

    wasnigton (dc) redskins

  4. Rin2x says:

    Don’t really have a favorite team since I live in Hawaii and we have no professional teams here. The only sports teams I follow regularly are the University of Hawaii sports teams, and I will also watch some games of professional teams with Hawaii players on them.

  5. kendermaus says:

    New Zealand All Blacks!!

    My coworkers and partner laugh at me because when it’s rugby world cup time the maus (who generally has ZERO interest in sports) has a notebook with all the teams, who plays who when, and the point layouts for EVERY match up to the final. I have the NBC SPORTS on demand JUST for the rugby.

    And we won’t mention the three All Blacks/rugby t-shirts, the key chain, two team pins and my World Cup scarf. :: blush ::

  6. Don’t really watch sports but I do like when the Philadelphia teams win! Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and the 76ers!

  7. taibhrigh Resident Artist says:

    Chicago Blackhawks (ice hockey)

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