Coffee House Friday

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As we’ve passed Spring Forward and the Spring Equinox … is it actually spring?

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  1. Paula Cas says:

    Ground is warming, spring flowers are sprouting, snow is melting faster after each storm, robins, geese and ducks have been back since the end of February … Yeah it’s spring.

  2. It’s warm though cloudy. It’s in the low 70s. Flowers are out and blooming! Daffodils, Crocasias, Hyacinths! As well as the tress in bloom like dogwood and redbud, and magnolias. It’s beautiful here in the suburbs of Northeast Phildelphia, PA.
    At least we can take drives to the park and stay away from everyone! Getting fresh air feels great,

  3. Jade/Methos says:

    Woke up to snow and strong winds today.

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