Clan War 10th Anniversary Edition: Bonding



Title: Clan War 10th Anniversary Edition: Bonding

Author: Bj Jones

Creative Consultant: Timothy Quinn

Artist: Taibhrigh

Author’s Note: This chapter is longer and more detailed than the original.  Which is why many of these chapters have taken longer to re-work.   Lets put it in a perspective everyone can understand.

Bonding: 30 pgs

10th Anniversary Edition: 204 pgs

This is standard with all the Chapters.  The original Clan War worked out to be 400+ pages.  We passed that number somewhere in Loyalties.

Note from Bj Jones:

As it’s been a while since this has been said I figured a reminder was in order as we start to officially post Clan War.

So listen up this will only get said once.

We do not put warnings on stories.

There’s a large blanketed warning over the full series: At one point in time we will discuss subjects that will be uncomfortable, write something offensive, showcase a large variety of sexual acts and partners, and use language appropriate for the time period.

In conclusion: Sylum Essay: Modern Sensibilities ….

Thank You.

Now enjoy the story …. cause your in for the wildest wild in the Caribbean!

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