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Character Introduction: Eduard Cheirmine

Character Introduction: Eduard Cheirmine


Ehre/Weisheit: Hunter


Name: Eduard Cheirmine

Turn Date: 1316 AD

Sire: Imenand

Mate: Philipe Cheirmine


Philipe and Eduard were Fraternal twins left at the Von Trapps doorstep when they were barely six months old.

The two were always inseparable and did everything together. Georg had made sure they were educated and well trained in sword fighting. Though Eduard took the sword fighting like a Master.

It was Georg who first noticed something was wrong, when Philipe collapsed in the middle of a training session. He called the local doctor who couldn’t figure what was wrong with him, but the fact his blood was weak.

Taking him and Eduard to the Council, Plato informed them that both brothers were very sick, and it was a blood disease he had seen before but didn’t know how to fix. (Dilios Note: Plato looked back at his notes and realized both Cheirmine brothers had leukemia).

Imenand sat down with both of them, asked them if they thought about being Turned.


Image: Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ


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