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Sylum Inspiration: Wilhelm Brandtenschtein

Sylum Inspiration: Wilhelm Brandtenschtein

Renner #5

Ehre/Weisheit: Lead Hunter


This years Sylum Inspiration will tie into the Sylum Monthly Calendars.

Since January 2016 Calendar was of Ehre/Weisheit – we’ll be showcasing each week in January a character from that particular Clan.

Updates will either be on Sunday or Monday.

So for this week’s Sylum Inspiration – Wilhelm Brandteschtein




  1. William Brandt

    Woot! For obvious reasons I am super excited to see him here and to hopefully see more of him in the future. His character bio on the Wiki was so awesome to. I now have a million more questions about everything. 😀

  2. chinnowah

    May I ask you a question? Where did you get the name from? I am astonished to see “Brandenschtein” instead of “Brandenstein”. As the name is obviously German I’d like to point out that it would never be written in the first version but in the second instead. For knowing this you have to understand the concept of the German language which allows you to combine words and make a new one out of it. In this case it is “Branden” and “Stein”. As there exists no word with a “t” right after an “sch” (unless two words are combined and the first one ends with “sch” and the second one with a “t”) I’m just suggesting to change it as I know that you like to be very correct in this regard. Please don’t be offended, I’m just a German language nerd who likes his world to be perfect 😉

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      Thanks for the info!

      I’m not sure where exactly we got spelling, but this does make sense. Quick question – considering the name is old about 1000 ish years. Would that take into account a unique type spelling or did the connections in names stay mostly the same?

      Did you study German? Or is it your native language?

      1. chinnowah

        You are welcome. German is my native language and I’m rather good at it. Before I wrote you I did a quick google research and only came up with fiction characters in a foreign language by the name Schtein. The reason could be that some non-German speaking people heard the pronunciation of the name Stein which sound like Schtein. BTW 1000 years ago people only had one name in this region, it only began in the 12th century that the people need a surname as there have been more and more people to identify. In the 15th century everybody finally had at least two names. So I’d say it’s an educated guess that a man born in today’s region called Germany would only have one name and would have taken a second one between the 12th and the 15th century. Or he’d travel to the Romans who had a second name far sooner.

        BTW my knowledge in the French language is also very educated, so if you have some questions or phrases to translate, feel free to contact me. A machine or a program could never translate like someone with the knowledge how a language works.

        I wish you a wonderful new year, BTW. 😉

        Best wishes


        1. Nicolaus Meridius

          Thank You so much for the information.

          I’m doing updates on the Wiki this weekend. We’ll be changing the full name to Brandtenstein … and keep Brandtenschtein as a pseudonym … making the joke that Robin and Cougar enjoy adding the sch to the name to annoy Brandt 🙂

          Thanks again for the info and offer of help. Could you please send contact info to ( – we will gladly send you french and german phrases your way to make sure we get them right.

          We have a fellow Clan Member who helps with Spanish and difference between Spain and Mexico.

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