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Character Introduction: Pedro of Aragon

Character Introduction: Pedro of Aragon



Name: Pedro of Aragon

Turn Date:  930 AD

Sire: Azeem

Mate: Abd-ar-Rahman III


Pedro Of Aragorn was born in privilege. His father owned land, and held favor in court Abdullah. When his grandson Abd-ar-Rahman III was appointed as his success Pedro continued the family relationship.

Pedro ended up meeting Azeem, who had been traveling to one of the Universities. He stayed at the household, the two talking for hours about the world. He took Azeem to meet Abd-ar-Rahman, and in time thought nothing of it.

Months later he was approached again by Azeem, who explained about Vampires. First stating he had Turned Rahman, seeing a man who could do good in future time, especially with his more open mindedness.

Then he explained about Mates and that Rahman though Pedro to be his. Pedro took time to think things through, and asked many questions before agreeing to be Turned.


Image: Denzel Washington

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