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Boxing Day Results

Boxing Day Results

Boxing Day Results

This year’s winner: Tony!

Nico sat curled into Warrick watching his two boys start off with the snark and insults.



He was tucked under at least two blankets and had a cuddly Pirate next to him, while sipping his hot chocolate.  If no one knew his boys they would think the two hated each other, but in reality the two would defend and kill for the other.

The tradition went back a long way, he had a box full of feathers showing it.

They were evenly matched, both letting out their frustrations from the betrayal.

He was wondering if he would have to call it a draw, as they had been fighting over an hour, and both were exhausted and bleeding – when the unexpected happened.

Horatio walked out onto the porch, wearing the tightest pair of blue jeans, Nico had ever seen on him.  Along with a cable knit sweater, that accented his height and lean build.

The redhead leaned against the porch banner, sipping his coffee.

He got everyone’s attention, including Warrick and Jethro.

Time slowed down the moment Horatio ended up in Speed’s line of sight.  The Irishman came to a halt, blinked then made a move towards his Mate, right when Tony cold clocked him, knocking him down for the count.

Tony bent over breathing hard, it had been a rough fight.  “Worth every penny.”

“Wait.”  Warrick glanced over at Tony then Horatio, then down to Speed.

“The jeans were gift from Tony.”  The redhead sipped his coffee, not to concerned for his Mate.  Between the wolf and vampire, he would be up and moving around soon enough.

Nico looked at his daughter, who only shrugged. “Use whatever I can to my advantage.”

“How very French of you.”  Nico chuckled lightly.  “He’s going to be gunning for you next year.”

“Bring it wolfy.”  Tony walked onto the porch, snagging a glass of water, downing it in seconds.  He winked at Horatio. “Enjoy it when he wakes up.”  Then he snagged his own Mate, who was eyeing the redhead a bit to closely, and dragged him up to their shower.

“Oh I will.” Horatio smirked just as Speed started to wake up.


  1. najean1

    Hehehe! Sneaky Templar Knights are sneaky! Congratulations to Tony on his **cough cough** win. I can hardly wait to read about the Irate Irishman’s revenge…. Should be interesting!

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