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Reminder: Ode to Advent Giveaway

Reminder: Ode to Advent Giveaway


During Advent we did a small Giveaway!  Except only one person replied!! Note: we will be contacting that person about their special gift from Sylum Vault.

The only problem is the Challenge wasn’t completed.

So we’re putting it out there one more time!  *gives everyone a look*


In 2017 we showcased ‘Ode to Advent’ in honor of ‘7 Characters in 7 Weeks’

Yeah well then it exploded into McFassi Fortnight.

And now … the challenge!

The first person who can name ‘The Original Seven’ with added Eighth (from the poem) AND the rest of the bastards showcased during McFassi Fortnight! Old and Young.  Will receive an original McFassi Sylum Card.

PS: Not sure where to find the info … try the Wiki and Archive.

(make sure to reply  to this post only with your answers)


      1. taibhrigh Resident Artist

        Umm, I still have the list from having done the banners and the wiki images… stored separately from the second batch… just saying… but, I guess I could give hints to the other players… 😉

        [and now back to the reading fic from a fandom I just discovered last month and am stuck on]

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