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Afternoon Fic: The Dragon General (Part Thirteen)

Afternoon Fic: The Dragon General (Part Thirteen)

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Part Twelve

“Tea.”  Obi-Wan leaned against Cody, the strong arms wrapped around him.  He had never felt this much contentment and happiness.  “I hoard Tea.”

“Why does this not shock me?” He chuckled, nuzzling the patch of skin behind Obi-Wan’s ear.  “The twenty boxes of tea you got stacked in the corner, is only a small stash isn’t it.”

Kenobi moaned, as Cody’s hand moved down his chest, pinching his nipples just right.  He had learned fast how to make his body keen in longing and anticipation.  “The good thing about my hoard being tea is that I actually drink it, so it doesn’t actually go against the Jedi Code about material things.  But yes, I always have a stash of tea hidden away.  But what will get the Dragon vibrating until I do something, is when I find a new tea that I’ve not seen, I have to taste it.”

“So when I brought you tea from that planet where we had a day off…”

“I almost pounced you right then and there.”  He shifted until straddling and facing his Mate.  “Once we can, I need to take you to Stewjon, meet the parents.”

“They’re not going to be disappointed I’m a clone?”  Cody cupped Obi-Wan’s cheek rubbing his thumb through the beard, it like his hair was sticking up in all different directions.

“You’re my Mate.”  Obi-Wan shifted, taking Cody’s thumb into his mouth sucking on it, eyes mischievous.  The pop sound as he let it go, shouldn’t be the turn on that it is.  “You’re my everything.”

“What about being a Jedi.”  His hands gripped the smaller hips, pulling him closer.  “I mean beyond this war, you’re still a Jedi and how are they going to handle the Mate thing.”

“Cody.”  Obi-Wan kissed him as he grinded down on the hardening cock.  “We will be together, beyond my life as a Jedi.  After this war, I will have to tell them I’m a Dragon and your my Mate, it will be up to the Council if they’ll accept it, but I do have an ally.  Mace will back me, as far as I’m concerned he’s my older brother.  He sat on me enough times, when I was a rambunctious Dragon who liked to play in the Thousand Fountains.”

Cody leaned back slightly, trying hard not to imagine a young Obi-Wan running and playing in the water only to get in trouble with Mace.  “Did he really sit on you?”

“More like trapped me, by holding my tail.”  The laughter echoed through the small room.  Obi-Wan couldn’t help the small chuckle.  “I was five.”

“Oh I need to make friends with Mace and get all the baby tooka holos.”

“Give him something purple.”  Obi-Wan laughed lightly, giving him a quick kiss.  “Honestly, though, if they don’t accept you as my Mate, they don’t accept me as a Dragon. I’ll leave, it’s that simple.  There are ways of helping people, outside the Jedi.”

Cody leaned forward taking the talented mouth into a deep kiss.  The love and devotion he felt from Obi-Wan was overwhelming.  He shifted them until his Mate was laid out beneath him.  He was beautiful, and so much bare skin to worship.

Obi-Wan moaned, hands digging into the short curly hair.  His body arched upwards, giving himself over.  Like everything Cody put his mind to, he became an expert at pulling noises out of him that he didn’t even know he could make.

Cody licked a path down the muscular stomach, hands gripping the narrow hips – he was going to have a long talk with Snap about getting his General to eat more and gain some weight.  He sat back, just to get a good look, Obi-Wan’s eyes were blown, chest heaving, legs spread in an open invitation.  He reached around the crumpled blankets, searching for the lube, when it levitated in front of him.  Cody gave him a look, before popping the lid and pouring some into his hand.  He leaned forward giving him a sloppy kiss, fingers teased the hard cock, then moved downwards until he found what he wanted.

One finger slid across the opening, the sound Obi-Wan made went straight to his already aching cock.  He slipped in one digit, he crooked his finger looking for that one spot … the wailing keen was a good sign he found it.

He pulled out then pushed back in with two.  “You are so beautiful, so eager for me.”

“Get in me, or I’ll do it for you.”  When Cody pulled his fingers out, Obi-Wan wrapped his legs around his waist, used his strength and agility to change their positions, he looked down at his Commander, with a wicked grin.  He gripped Cody’s cock, and achingly slow, slid down until he was fully seated.  Hands sprawled against the muscular chest, head thrown back in ecstasy, a deep groan escaped as he was filled by the thick cock.

Cody gripped his General’s hips, then thrust upwards, pulling another groan from his throat.  “Come on cyare take what you want.”

And he did.

Cody was pretty sure the use of the Force, in this situation wasn’t quite up to Code, but he could care less.  He was buried deep in his Mate, and the sound both of them were making should’ve been embarrassing, but he was too lost in the feeling of being surrounded by Obi-Wan.

He shifted suddenly, laying Obi-Wan beneath him, pinning the Jedi’s hand above his head, and just kriffed him hard and fast until they were both pulled over the edge, lost in the sensations.

“There is no way I’m going to survive sleeping away from you.” Cody breathed into Obi-Wan’s neck, as they came down from their orgasm.

“I think it can be arranged that you don’t have to.”  He kissed his temple, then squirmed slightly.  “How about a shower?”

“The shower alone, is a reason never to leave.”  Cody slid out of him, checking for any bruising, he knew clones were designed with a sturdy stamina and enhanced strength, the last thing he wanted was to explain to Snap how the General was injured in the bedroom.

Obi-Wan laughed, then smacked him on the ass.  “Up.”

“The romance is already dead, and we’ve only been married for a day.”  Cody kissed him, then climbed off the bunk.  He made his way into the fresher, turning on the water waiting for it to get warm.  He looked into the bathroom mirror, wondering if he looked any different.  He was Mated to a Dragon, and had sex with a Jedi.  The same tired face looked back at him, though he noticed almost instantly the happiness in his eyes.  He heard Obi-Wan’s laughter from the other room, and knew he would do anything in his power to make sure to hear that more often.

He rolled his shoulders, feeling the muscles grind and pop.  With a sniff and a glance down his body, yeah he needed a shower and he knew Obi-Wan was just as bad.  When his Mate didn’t appear at the door to join him in, he got suspicious.   There was no way he was allowing the General to do any paperwork for another day.  He made Boil promise, under threat of pain that no one – unless the Negotiator was being attacked by Grievous – no one was to disturb them.   He knew these two days would be likely the only ‘honeymoon’ they would get, and he planned to enjoy every minute of it.

He stepped back out into the main room, to find Obi-Wan sitting at his desk with nothing on, having a conversation with Anakin kriffin’ Skywalker.

Obi-Wan had every intention of joining his Mate in the shower.  Though it barely fit the two of them it was worth being close to a wet Cody.  He is going to be thankful for the clone’s armour, because if he, at any time during a campaign, had to work with a soaking wet Commander, he was going to have him up against a tree.

Which wasn’t very dignified for a High General of the Grand Army of the Republic.

He glanced at his desk, when the comm went off.  He should ignore it, and was about to, when he realized it was Anakin’s number.  He reached out feeling anxiety from his Padawan, and without hesitation, sat down at the desk and answered.


“Did you think the Chancellor meeting with me was creepy?”  He asked in a rush, as if he didn’t get it out, he wouldn’t.

“What?”  He sent waves of calm across the bond that was still there, even after he had been Knighted.  “I need you to calm down.  Take a deep breath, that’s right.  In. Out. In. Out.”  He could see Anakin was following along, then sagged into his own chair.  “Now tell me why you’re calling.”

“Rex and Ahsoka had some questions, Fives and Echo kinda tagged along.”  Anakin gave him a half smile.  “In the middle of some explanations, mainly what happened to my mom, Fives asked why Palpatine didn’t buy her, he knew how much I had worried … which ironically wasn’t what concerned me.  I mean, it’s a good question, but Fives said it was weird for him to be mentoring me.”

Obi-Wan flinched just enough that it got his Padawan’s attention, and it was likely because he wasn’t actually wearing anything, so the movement wasn’t hidden in the many layers of tunic and robes.

“You didn’t agree to it.”  Anakin leaned in his chair staring at his Master.  “Why did you allow me to go?”

He paused putting his thoughts together.  “No.  At first I didn’t like his attention.  You were a ten year old who had just left everything behind and in a world you didn’t understand.  You were still dealing with being free, and I was worried that you wouldn’t know how to say no.  Actually, for the first part of your apprenticeship I made sure everything was put in a way that you felt safe enough to say no.  It took time before you figured out the difference between an adult who had control over you as a slave, telling you what to do versus getting instructions from a teacher.”

Anakin stared at him in shock, he had never even thought about his history as a slave, taking away his ability to choose.

“I thought it was inappropriate for him to mentor you, but he insisted.  If at any moment I felt you were in danger, I wouldn’t have cared less what the Council or Senate demanded.  In the beginning it was actually good, you became more confident.”

“In the beginning.”  He leaned forward concerned.  “What happened when I got older?”

Obi-Wan sighed, rubbing his hands against his face, soothing down his beard.  At that moment he really hoped there wasn’t any evidence of his and Cody’s love making visible.   Though he was pretty sure a few bite marks were running along his neck and shoulders.

“You got angry.”


“Everytime you came back from seeing him, you were angry.  I would usually have to take you down to the salle and work out the aggression.  You had this attitude that you were better than everyone, you looked down at me, it was usually when you were the most vial about Qui-Gon.  When you lashed out at me, I knew something had to be done.  So I went to Mace.”

“I don’t remember lashing out at you.”  He shook his head desperate to remember the moment.  “I remember going after Knight Vos, but never you.  I didn’t hurt you did I?”

He paused for a moment, not wanting to talk about that moment.  He ended up crying on Mace’s shoulder, terrified out of his mind wondering what he had done to fail his Padawan.  Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves.  “You lost control, when I went into the kitchen to brew some tea and cocoa to calm you down, the kettle exploded in my hands.  I ended up with bacta bandages for a few days.”

“I remember the strips, why didn’t you tell me what happened!”  Anakin stood and started pacing.  “I don’t remember.  How do I not remember?”

“Mace was convinced it wasn’t fully you, so we decided to introduce you to the Dragon.  Deep down Anakin all you want to do is protect, and by showing you the Dragon it would give you something to focus on, plus get through your thick skull that I wasn’t a weak willed idiot, who couldn’t save his Master.”

“You have so much patience with me, and I love and thank you for it daily.”  He wiped the tears from his face.  “I didn’t see the Chancellor after that, only once on the anniversary of the battle of Naboo…” There was a pause as a sudden realization came over him. “When I went after Vos.”

“I never could tell if he just poked the ball of anger, or if there was something more.  I couldn’t get a read on him, but after you talked to Mace, you started to calm down.  And when you discovered that your mother was on Stewjon, everything changed.”

“There’s more.”  He sat back down, sensing there was something he wasn’t being told.

“Ever notice that, when you come back from meeting with him, how reckless you are in battles and your death rate goes up.”

“No, but I’m going to look at that now.”  Anakin crossed his arms, he was pissed but not sure at what yet.

“I’m sure you’re having a hard time with this, next time we’re back on Coruscant, go see Padmé before you see the Chancellor, talk to her.  You know she has no problem telling truth to power.”  Obi-Wan gave him a pointed look.  “Make sure you have protection.”

“Haha!” He laughed lightly, accepting his Master’s deflection in the conversation.  They both needed it.  “Speaking of, are you making sure you’re protected?  We really don’t need any baby tookas running around.”

Obi-Wan wasn’t impressed.  “Last I checked neither of us could get pregnant, unless the Kamino’s added a few extra parts to the clones.”

“Let’s never speak of that again.”  Anakin shook his head laughing lightly, then suddenly looked up.  “Rex…”  He was yanked from view, Rex taking his place.  “Sorry about that.  Cody don’t kill my General.”

“Put a leash on him!”  Cody leaned forward to glare at his vod. “Goodbye.”  He turned off the holo and glared at his General.  “We’ll talk about that particular conversation later, Skywalker obviously needed you, and he is your ad’ika but right now you’re mine.”

“Oh yes, all yours.”  He looked him up and down, grinning lecherously.  “Shower my dear?”  He laughed, when Cody yanked him out of the chair, tossed him over his shoulder, giving the bare ass a good smack, before dumping him under the warm water.


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