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World Honey Bee Day

World Honey Bee Day

World Honey Bee Day!

Rick made his way towards the hives, looking for his wayward Mate.  

He had just taken over as Vacherie’s Sheriff.  Though he had worked with the former Sheriff, there was still so much to do, while settling into the position.   Unfortunately he had been neglecting his Mate.  Rick didn’t like being away that long, and swore he hadn’t seen Daryl in over a week.  He was also pretty sure little Bobbie wasn’t happy with his absence if the chewed up slipper, and giant shit in the other was an indication.  Though he had to wonder how the hell something that small made something that big!

He told the staff he was taking the day off, ignored the waggling eyebrows and kissing sounds.   Yes, he ran a tight knit mature group of people!

Rick paused on the edge of the hives watching as Daryl moved around them, wearing some protective gear mostly around the face.  Most of the bees were fluttering around, a few landing on the broad shoulders.   He glanced over to the side to see Bobbie on his back, spread eagle showcasing his bits to the world.  There was a tiny mosquito net over him, like something one would see at a picnic to protect the food from flies. 

Daryl gave him a side-eye.  “Ya’ goin’ to come any closer?”

Rick paused, but took a few more steps closer.  Despite the years dealing with the bees, he wasn’t thrilled with the little guys.  “There seems to be more.  I know you lost some a while back.”

“Dr. Grissom and I figured a few things out, was able to secure the hive better.  Plus Big Bobbie allowed us to put hives on his old plantation.  Which made Nico happy as, that meant a Hunter could keep on eye on the place.  Guess a decade or so ago, some Rogues used it as a hiding local.”  Daryl took some of the honeycomb and put it in the container he had, leaving enough to go back in the hive to let the bees do their thing.  “Its a good hideaway, the bees like the burned out plantation makes them feel important.”

Rick smiled at the rambling.  “You have any plans for after bee keeping?”

“No.”  He gave Rick a smirk.  “Well maybe some Rick keeping.”

The laughter, felt good and made Daryl grin.  “I got you something.”  He held out the small paper package.  They weren’t the wrap in pretty bows type of people.  But he had seen the brown bee paper and had to get it.  

Daryl gave him a look, but smiled at the paper.  He unwrapped it carefully, pulling out the t-shirt.  It had a cartoon bee on it ‘World Bee Day: Bees are life’.  “World Bee Day?”  He asked holding the shirt up.  

“Today actually it’s a day to celebrate bees and educate the world on the small fact we need them.”  Rick shrugged slightly embarrassed.  “I saw the shirt figured you would enjoy it, make it more your own style.”  As he knew his Mate really wasn’t the t-shirt and jeans type of guy, more like tanks and ripped shirts.  “There’s something else.”

Rick dug into the package laughing at the stuffed bee.  “This for Bobbie?”  There was a snort and a loud fart, they both looked over at the sleeping Yorkie.  “Once he wakes from his nap.”

“Speaking of naps.”  Rick waggled his eyebrows making his Mate laugh.  “Sadly, I actually mean a nap.”

“Old man.”  Daryl pulled off the helmet and gear, setting to the side, then reached over and scooped up the slumbering dog.  “I think we can all use a nap.”

“Then we can go into town for dinner, and maybe more.”  Rick leaned over and gave him a quick kiss.  “Let Speed pup sit.”

“He’ll be thrilled!” Daryl pulled Rick closer, kissing him deeply.  “Naps first.”

After some adjustments he proudly wore his bee shirt into town, while Bobbie carried his stuff bee with pride!


*And sadly this is still not a pairing anyone asked for!!! *sighs*


  1. najean1

    I’m with Paula, I live this pairing. It is a sweet little story.
    I’m glad there is a honeybee day — the world needs them, and sadly, too few people realize the fact. I remember when I was a little girl and a medium-sized patch of clover would have up to 20 bees tending it. Today, I’m lucky to see one.
    I’m allergic to them, but I love them!
    —-Naj ♥️♥️

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