Underwear Day

As it’s Underwear Day.  Figured this picture was very appropriate.

Sylum Snippet – Dean was once again requested by the winner of the Trivia

Sam slammed the door of the Impala, wincing hoping Dean hadn’t heard him abuse his girl.  Though he swore for a moment the car itself growled at him, but then they had been hunting a suspect down for two weeks now, they’ve had little sleep and he wasn’t even sure what day it was.

He pulled out the coffee and donuts he got from the local bakery, then made his way into the hotel.  It was their standard roach infested, rent by the hour place, but weirdly it settled them both when their world with very rich benefactors, parents, and uncles made sure they had everything they ever needed or wanted.

Sam got the door opened, was ready to yell out for Dean expecting him to be in the shower, when instead he found his Mate sound asleep.  Dean must have at some point gotten up, showered, dressed but gave up and went for a nap.

He had his arm wrapped around Sam’s pillow, laying on top of the covers.   Sam set down the coffee and donuts, along with his bag.  His gaze started at the calfs, worked its way up the muscular thighs, over the perfect ass, along the lean back before settling on the strong shoulders.  His Mate was beautiful.

Sam slipped off his shoes, stripped off his pants and shirt, then crawled into the bed.  His hand moved over that perfect ass, sending thanks to Stark for the hundred dollar pair of boxer shorts, which made Dean’s ass scrumptious.  Though he really wanted to slip his hand under the material, the yawn changed his mind.  Instead he curled into his brother and joined in on the nap.

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