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Sylum Update: Variety of Randomness

Sylum Update: Variety of Randomness

More Updates

We’re not even going to discuss the move – lets just say it’s not going as well as expected.

Now to the updates:

  • The Read More is still not working in emails.  It’s a hassle at the moment, and hoping at some point an update will fix it.  If there is anything that sensitive – I’ll make sure to leave space so it’s not seen right off the top in an email.
  • The updates also broke the tabs and skin on the Sylum Wiki.  At this moment none of the tabs are showing for any page or bio.  You can still read the bio, and click on links but it’s one long piece of information instead of nice and neat like I had it – *grumbles at WordPress*.
  • Covid.  Sooner or later I was going to have to answer this unasked question.  Is Sylum going to deal with Covid?  No, we’re not having Covid in Sylum.  There are few events that you don’t want in the fiction you write/read to escape reality … this is one of them.  Plus it screws with my timeline – it already f*ked enough with my professional and personal life – I’m refusing to adjust my timeline.


  1. Wilhelm Brandtenstein

    Is anyone else having trouble with comments? Sometimes they aren’t showing up for me. Even my comments aren’t visible all the time.

    I’m sorry WordPress messed with the wiki! I know you put a ton of time and effort into that.

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