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Sylum Update: Clarification … Please Read

Sylum Update: Clarification … Please Read


Sylum Update


We’ve gotten some questions concerning 10th Anniversary Clan War … basically – how many more chapters?  And when will it be done?

We figured it would be easiest to post an update of where we’re at in the Grand Scheme of Sylum.

Lets be honest.

It will be done when it’s done.

Sylum as much as it feels like a full time job – isn’t actually our job.  There are moments in RL that nothing for Sylum gets done, because of work, family and social commitments.  We work hard on Sylum, but there is only so much we can work on.

Speaking of – Sylum Advent is bearing down on us, which is taking a HUGE portion of our time.

The 10th Anniversary Edition of Clan War is being worked on and it’s getting done – at this moment the chapter Clan War (not to be too confusing :D) is about 3/4 finished.   We hit a plot wall half way through it, which led to the previously announced canon changes.

Which led to edits – a time suck of epic proportions.

Family and Evolution both ended up with rough edits … just enough to update the series concerning the major canon changes mentioned. Specifically – Sam Winchester having the soul of Theo instead of Meridia.

When we finish Clan War *sends prayers up to Saint Roberto – Patron Saint of Plot Bunnies* we will fully edit Family and Evolution, along with Side Stories that will need to come inline with changes made in Clan War and the Wiki.

Do not worry.  We’ll posts announcements when we finish editing any story.  Dudes there will likely be fireworks, parties, and alcohol  involved with each successful update!

As for how many chapters are left in Clan War … normally I would point out how many chapters there were in the Original.  But with the way Bob has been working – I can say this:  as previously stated Clan War is 3/4 finished, Aftermath is the next chapter … These are guaranteed to be part of Clan War.   The rest will play out as we go.  Bob is and will always be an evil bastard.

Before the screeching begins.  No we’re not taking out Nick’s ‘Grave Danger’ moment … it’s likely to become it’s own story.  Why? Because if you noticed in the CSI Anthology series and what’s been published so far with 10th Anniversary Edition – there are a lot more connections and vampires running around Vegas … which will make that particular story more complicated.

So in conclusion.

Thank You for your continued support and sticking with us.

Please be patient with us as we can only do one thing at a time.

It will get done.

It will dammit!

As there is so much more to come.

In the meantime hold on to your hats and glasses cause wait till you see what’s coming for Advent!

The General



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  1. Chinnowah

    Don’t sweat! Thank you for your constant involvement in this universe, and for such a long time! I love Sylum and I will always wait patiently for any update as long as it takes. 🙂

  2. Skaene

    *blinks* i’ve kept half an eye on this for years and you still managed to sneak all this past me. yeeesh.
    Although I think it’s a tad more interesting that you took Theo’s soul from Greg and gave it to Sam than Sam having it instead of Meridia…granted, I don’t think I got far enough in the original to see that revelation :(.
    Love the new wiki. Was very helpful during the (not really a re)read.
    Thanks for all your hard work! 🙂

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      Welcome back 🙂 We’ve been doing adjustments and slimming down stories to make it all flow better – its been a wild ride ( that were still on ) but fun, challenging and satisfying. We got lots coming still !!

  3. wendy johnson

    Thank you so much for the note, I for one will wait because let me tell any and all the bunnies that you have working with you ms jone are the best.I can understand RL getting in the way but for me just a reader of the great stories here I can and will be very patient.❤️❤️❤️❤️

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