Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Sylum Myths

Myths within the Sylum Universe.

Some of these are myths that the ‘readers’ of Sylum seem to have about the Universe.

Some of these are what a variety of characters w/in Sylum believe.

Top Ten Sylum Myths

10. Paris and Achilles are Dead

9. Merlin is a Wizard

8. Van Helsing killed Dracula

7. Maximus can be in two places at the same time

6. Lucas is the only descendant of Speed’s

5. Dragon’s don’t exist

4. Kyra/Jack are Mates

3. Speed is the weakest link in Sylum

2. Guinevere slept with Lancelot

And the Number One Myth w/in the Sylum Universe

1. The #1 Myth will be revealed in Evolution – I will bring this list up again so keep an eye out.

Which of these surprises you or makes you wonder about other things?  Can you tell which myths are about the Sylum Series and which ones are based w/in the Stories.

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  1. Mal Reynolds says:

    I have to admit, I believed 2 of those myths. 10 and 8. I’m so confused.

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