Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Moments You Will Never See in Sylum

I got this idea from a professor of mine. He would take the best moments from students essays (we’re talking about the worst turn of phrases to describe historical moments) and make a sheet and hand it out each semesters to the students. I’m proud to say I ended up on that sheet… and even knew the moment I would when I heard him chuckling as he went over my answers – muttering about how that was going on the List!

Over the years I’ve been sent many many emails about ideas and concepts for Sylum. I actually enjoy getting these emails, you would be surprised what inspires the bunnies – I’ve had some major good storyline come from a comment, suggestion, and/or idea. But I have to admit there have been a few occasions that I’ve sat staring at my inbox reading over an idea and wondering what the hell the sender was smoking. Especially when the idea/suggestion really has no bases in the Sylum Universe and it makes me wonder if they are reading the same story I’m posting.

The ideas below have come from the early years of Sylum – I honestly have no idea when I received some of these or from whom. They have stuck in my head over the years mainly because they were just that unique.

So before I continue – lets get this straight. This isn’t personal. If by chance someone reads this and parts of it seems familiar do not take it personally.

And please do continue to send me the ideas – like I’ve said there have been some major storylines that have come from comments and suggestions.

Top Ten Moments You Will Never See in Sylum

10. My character I want to add will be attached to the Fab 6 (Nick, Warrick, Tony, Jethro, Speed and Horatio) and the coolest person EVER! And they can do EVERYTHING without breaking a sweat, hair out of place, or damaging a nail. The typical Mary Sue/Harry Stu of Character Introductions.

9. Guinevere sleeps with Lancelot to test Arthur’s love for her.

8. Dean utters the words ‘snuggins wuggims’

7. Johnathon D’Artagnian aka Shep – fights for the Confederacy

6. Ryan Wolfe runs a pack of Wolves mainly because his last name is Wolfe

5. Chaos Demon

4. Gil and Sara have a past life as Indian Chief and Maiden and somehow have a history with Tavington

3. Irish Servant girl in Ireland helps Speed escape from Tavington during the American Revolutionary War

2. Rodney McKay is a Virgin

And the Number One Insane Moment that will NEVER see the light of day.

1. Since Lindsay was the last of Nick’s line and Ducky for Tony… Take the egg from Catherine and the Sperm from Ducky and impregnate Tony.

And NO I will not allow the crack fics off these.

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  1. Gil Grissom says:

    You know, we could totally do Rodney is a virgin, if we do a story for him when he was like thirteen. 😀

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