Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Pairings That Might Have Been

A while ago there was a discussion about – What if Sylum was created Today. This question came about because Speed and I had discussed some elements we would have done differently. Now don’t get me wrong we’ve worked, manipulated situations to change things over time to make the stories flow better, especially in around Family as the Universe started to step further away from fanfiction. But there were still a few that we just couldn’t change.

But there is always that what if?

So here are some of the pairings that could have been.

Top Ten Pairings that Might Have Been

10. Tony/Speed

9. Riddick/Jack (as in the Jack from Riddick Movies)

8. Maximus/Marcus Aurelius

7. Nick/Gil

6. Lucas Quinn/Sam Winchester

5. Van Helsing/Harker

4. Dean Winchester/Tony Stark

3. Merlin/Dresden

2. Gil/Lady Heather

And the Number One Pairing that Might Have Been

1. Nick/Arthur

Which of these pairing would you have liked to have seen?

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12 Responses to Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Pairings That Might Have Been

  1. Paula says:

    Gil/Lady Heather – yep. He always submitted so sweetly and she knew him better than he knew himself.

    Dean/Tony – big fan of BJ’s stories of this pairing

    Lucas with anyone else. Wasn’t a big Joe fan before they came to Sylum

    I agree with these what if’s, but wonder how Sylum would look different with Nick/Arthur. Does Arthur give up England or Nick never start Sylum. Interesting.

  2. kilthunter says:

    I was reading the pairings and when I saw Dean/Tony my little heart went pitter patter.

  3. Gil Grissom says:

    It’s definitely interesting to think how the makeup of the entire universe would change if some of these had happened.

    My what if pairing for Border is a triad: Dom/Brian/Han. I do love Ronon with them and look forward to writing that, but if I had to go back at the beginning and build Border from scratch, that triad would have happened.

    • Bj Jones says:

      That would be one I would have liked to see.

      The idea of the What if is always intreging and Bob uses it a lot to be evil 😀

  4. Jensen says:

    9. Riddick/Jack – This could be interesting depending on how you handle it. I’m guessing you would have made her older than she was in the movies though because that drives me crazy when people have them together in PB (she was supposed to be 12 in PB and TCOR takes place 5 years later).

    • Gil Grissom says:

      Yeah, I know. It’s creepy when it’s obviously placed during/just after the movie, and it’s like, uh, you do realize she’s not even a *teenager* yet, right?

    • Bj Jones says:

      Oh yeah she would have been older – probably mid 20’s. Similar background as we’re giving her now, but w/out the twin…

      There was also the Riddick/Vacko which I can hear the squee from here… I admit that was a character that got suggested/Mated early in the beginning and never was able to fix and work around so instead just got rid of…

      • Jensen says:

        Yes, I admit it, I would have liked to have seen Riddick and Vaako. Mainly because of the age (child/adult) issue.

        And you know, you could always fix the Vaako death issue in Family…here, little bunny…

  5. tuckercat2t says:

    Tony/Dean or how about Dresden/Dean???? And Arthur/Nick I really don’t think the world is ready for that but how cool to read it!!!!!

  6. Sheri says:

    I think the Tony/Speed combo would be hilarious!!

    Dean/Tony- very hot!

    The Nick/Arthur pairing would be great to read about

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