Sylum Teaser: The Russian Spy

During Nicolaus Meridius Weekend, we posted the first part of the 3rd part of the Westen Series which is a major turning point in Sylum.

The full story will be released for 7 Days … pending RL batshittery of epic.

But because I’m a kind hearted soul *coughs* evil general.

A tiny tiny teaser.

This was a day of reckoning.

One he never thought would come.

And once again.

Nico’s enemies underestimated the quiet unassuming Roman.

Mistook kindness for gullibility.

Compassion for softness.

Mercy for weakness.

He was dragged once again upwards, to look his killer in the eyes.  He had no voice left to scream, when he felt the blade slam upwards into his chest, barely inches from his heart.

Story now on the Archive

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