Sylum Teaser: The Russian Spy

This is still set to come out during 7 Days – *crosses finger RL cooperates*


“So what’s the plan?”  Shep asked as he glanced at Brass.

“There is only one way to deal with an unruly Pirate Captain.”  Brass looked around the precinct, noticing that it was mostly cleared out.  

He glanced back at Shep, who gave him a wicked smirk.

“I’m not stupid, not matter what most think of me.” He motioned upwards where the higher ranking members of the NOPD lived. “I had Captain Dent clear out the floor for a departmental meeting.  This way, we won’t be conspicuous when dragging him out of his office, down the hall, out the door, and stuffing him into the trunk.”

“I was going to let him ride in the backseat, but trunk works.”

And without hesitation, Brass stalked across the room and kicked the door open. “Hi Honey.”

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