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Sylum Teaser!

Sylum Teaser!

I’m just going to leave this here.  Let you figure out what the Bobs have been up to.

The path to the Manor wasn’t normally a trudge, but they took it together slowly and steadily, neither wanting to talk much, but both of them conscious of something dogging their footsteps.

When they turned around, there was a Pelican, a pair of Storks, a Roseate Spoonbill, and a Tricolor Heron all trotting along behind them at a fair clip.

They paused.

All of them.

Warrick looked at his Mate, who pursed his lips thoughtfully.

The birds stared right back, doing a good job of seeming utterly innocent.

“Really?” Nicolaus muttered at last.  “Now?”

His feathered friends would’ve shrugged if they could, and the sight of it made Warrick chuckle softly.

“Okay then,” his Mate continued.  “But just until the storm’s gone.  You can shelter in the pens by the pond, but don’t you dare eat my fish!”

“I think the Manor has turned into the Ark again,” Warrick whispered, as they led their trail of new guests to the back of the house.

A pair of mated swans joined them before they got there.

And an Osprey took up residence in the Meridius Tree.

Nicolaus snorted.  “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

That it took slightly more than 20 minutes to get through into the Security Room once the birds were settled – given that neither Vampire wanted to be distracted by the throng of human beings who’d taken shelter in the Ballroom – was further hampered by a gaggle of geese and a brace of ducks on the front lawn.

Warrick joked that they were hoping for directions, and Nicolaus pointed them round to the barn.

That they all promptly went where he said, was not as shocking to the Pirate Captain of the Red Stallion, as it likely would’ve been to anybody else who saw it.

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