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Sylum Teaser!

Sylum Teaser!

Another Teaser that is possible for Advent.   Though I won’t confirm nor deny if it will be seen at Advent as we know Bob is an asshole!

Also – these characters are not in the wiki, they are new characters and not based on a specific fandom.  If you want to know the sport being played its Australian Rugby League.

No one was quite sure how it happened.

For days the coaches, commentators, media, and Commission would go over the footage from every angle they could find to figure out exactly what happened, and how the half-back ended up hit so hard, his body was flung into the air and landed like a rag doll.  

There will discover that just as Benjamin Turner off-loaded the ball to Randolf Grinwich, he was hit by two of the Broncos players.  They had grabbed, lifted, and tossed him down onto the field … then walked away.

Randolf Grinwich went on to score a Try, putting the Tasmanian Devils up by two points.   When he rose from the ground a grin on his face, he noticed instantly that something had gone terribly wrong, as his teammates were more focused on keeping the infamous Matthew brothers from ripping apart two Bronco’s instead of celebrating the Try.

It was then he realized that Ben was surrounded by medic and trainers.

Silence traveled through the stadium, as everyone realized he was not moving.   Even the commentators, lowered their voices into solemn hushes.

It was the fear of every rugby player.  

An injury they couldn’t get up from.

Darren Griffin was deathly still as he watched the medic personal run onto the field, straight for Ben.  He hadn’t seen the tackle, but he had heard the roar from Wayne Matthews, as he went after the Bronco, yelling about Professional foul, his brother Vince only a few seconds behind him.  Both ready to take on the whole team if need be.

Griffin shook his head and made a beeline for the Matthew brothers, hoping to stop a fight that would escalate into the whole team being in the Sin Bin.  He pulled Vince away first, then got between Wayne and his target.  

“This isn’t going to help!”  He yelled, pushing Wayne back, which wasn’t an easy task as he was pushing six foot five, and a solid 110 kg of pure muscles.  His brother was only an inch smaller, but was actually slightly broader. There was a reason they ran straight into the line of defenders instead of around them.

“The fag got what he deserved.”  The Bronco sneered, at the Devil’s Captain.  “This is a man’s sport not some sissies… if he can’t get back up from a small tap, then …”

Griffin whipped around, suddenly being grabbed by the very person he was trying to hold back.  His Yorkshire accent thick as he snapped back. “I’m the only thing standing between you and them.  Do not give me the excuse to let them lose, or I’ll just kick your arse myself.”

“Separate!”  The referee got in between them, making sure to calm both sides down.  He had been off to the sidelines watching silently, while conversing with The Bunker.  He needed to know what the fuck had happened, before there was more bloodshed than normal on the field.  At this moment he was happy Griffin seemed to be calm despite the circumstances, though he had to wonder if he was merely in shock.   He turned towards the Captain, making sure to stay professional and keep him focused on the here and now, not on what was going on the 20 meter line.  “Griffin, I need you calm your boys down.”

“He attacked my man…”  He pointed at the Bronco.

“Yes your man.”  Everyone could hear the finger quotes around the ‘your’.   “Fags like you…”

“Shut it!” The referee glared at the player.   He tilted his head, then nodded before holding up his arms, hands fisted and crossed at the wrist, indicating the player was on report, and then pointed to the end of the field.  “You’re off the field. This behavior is unacceptable.” When the player tried to argue, the referee signaled for security. “Get out.”

“And fuck you!”  Vince flipped off him off as he was escorted to the exit.  

“Watch your team.”  The referee gave Griffin a look, then a pat on the shoulder.  “Though considering the circumstances I can understand.” He went over to the Broncos Captain, telling him that one of his members was sent off field, the other to the Sin Bin, both on report.  

The Captain was smart enough not to argue.  He could feel their coach seething from his location in the boxes.  He knew that this was going to hurt the team, not just by the loss of two players, but their morale and likely even penalties.  He was having a hard time believing two of his own team members had done something so vicious, over something so stupid.  

He glanced over to Griffin, but the man was surrounded by his team who was giving him strength and comfort, as it should be.

“Darren.”  Andy put a hand on his captain, getting him to focus back on the situation.  “Ya got get back in the game.”

“How is he?”  He asked the large red headed Englishman, the two had been friends since he joined the team, relegating stories of playing in the Super League.  His gaze was glued to the small cart that drove Ben off the field on a backboard.

“They’ll take care of him, Ben is a stubborn son of a bitch.  He’ll be back at practice next week, ready to take on the Bunnies.”

“Come on Griffin, let’s kick these Friday Night Show Ponies ass and make sure your boy is okay.”  Wayne wrapped an arm around his shoulder, followed by Vince who gave him a cheeky grin and slap on his ass.  Despite the fact they weren’t twins, but actually two years apart, they were so alike it was eerie. The main difference between them was the fact that Wayne’s longer hair was pulled into a top knot, while Vince had a buzz cut.  “Let’s make them pay for hurting one of our own.”

Darren barely nodded, as they carried off his best friend, lover, husband off the field.   

They had met when they were eight years old.  

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