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Sylum Security Update: Final Call

Sylum Security Update: Final Call

This is your last reminder!

Tomorrow Yahoo Groups shuts down.   If you have not moved over to the new group – do it now.  If you don’t think you need to ’cause you already have the password.  Remember – we will be changing it next year, for security.

We’ve moved to

Many users pointed out this group, and from the research we did, it will work nicely for what we need.  *crosses fingers* it won’t disappear in a year.   It’s actually has many of the features that the original Yahoo Group had: set welcome emails, scheduled monthly emails, and control on posts/messages.  It’s listed as a private group, and only can be accessed via the link provided, you will not find it in the directory.

In time if there’s call for it, the group can be opened to a discussion type group, but right now it’s only for distribution of the password.

Sylum Security: SylumSecurity Group

If you have any questions please contact:

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