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Sylum Inspiration: William Lennox

Sylum Inspiration: William Lennox

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William was the only child of Keith and Sarah Lennox.  He was raised on a ranch, learning family values and the meaning in a good day’s hard labor.  From an early age he wanted to be a soldier, and at 18 years old he enlisted in the Army.  Tragically, just after he finished boot camp he received word that his parents were killed in a car accident, on the way to his graduation.

The Army became his family.

He met his wife Mary Ann, while on leave from Afghanistan.  The two fell in love instantly, and she could hold her own against his hardened military attitudes.  It was her love that softened him and made him a better man.

He was due to be shipped out for a second tour in Afghanistan under the command of Hiram Ulysses Grant, when she informed him she was pregnant.  He married her that very day, leaving for Afghanistan the next morning.  His main focus and single goal was to get back home to his wife and child.

When his Commander asked for volunteers for a secret mission, he didn’t hesitate.  Grant and Sherman had always been good to his men and they had earned his respect and loyalty.

Will was thrown unexpectedly into the world of Vampires, but took the challenge head on.  When wounded in battle, he accepted being Turned – all so he could see his baby girl.


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