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Sylum Inspiration: Will Turner

Sylum Inspiration: Will Turner

Sanctuary: Second-in-Command


Will was raised by his mother in England and believed his father was a respectable navy man in the Royal Navy. When his mother died, Will began searching for his father, the only clue he had of him, was a gold medallion he had sent his mother.

The ship he was on, had been raided by Pirates, he was the only survivor.  It was being rescued by the HMS Dauntless from the burning shipwreck, that Will first met Elizabeth Swann.  Upon arrival in Port Royal, Will Turner became a blacksmith apprentice under John Brown.  As a simple craftsman, his life revolved around his work, and his distant longing for a woman he knew could never have.

When Pirates raid Port Royal, Will set out to defend the town and try to get to Elizabeth.  He was attacked by members of the raiding party and is run through.

As he lay dying in the street, he was approached by Hector, who offered him a new life.

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