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Sylum Inspiration: Thracius Fulvius Severus

Sylum Inspiration: Thracius Fulvius Severus

Camelot: Scientist


Thracius was the second son of a Senator. He did not have the patience for politics, and no head for the military life.

He was educated instead, in the art of medicine. His bedside manner left much desired, but his results were well appreciated.

Severus did not take to fools, and never had a problem saying as such, getting himself in to trouble on many occasions.

It was a Senator who introduced him to Imenand, following an enquiry about the doctor’s manner. Imenand, however, spoke up on behalf of the doctor, and took him in to have him work at the Council.

Within moments, Severus demanded to know what was really going on, berating Imenand that he was not to be treated as a common fool, whereupon he took the knowledge of Vampire existence in his stride, and continued to advance his skills as a doctor of medicine, learning everything he could from the Vampires, and how they healed themselves from the mere ingestion of blood.

Imenand eventually approached him about being Turned, and Severus just rolled his eyes, wondering why it had taken so long for anyone to ask.

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  1. najean1

    Gotta love Sev! He doesn’t suffer fools gladly… His Mates must drive him batshit with their mischief and antics! I can see him now, pinching the bridge of his nose and sighing deeply.
    Does he have the long slow drawl his HP character had in the movies?
    —Naj 😀 😀 ♥️♥️

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