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Sylum Inspiration: The Huntsman

Sylum Inspiration: The Huntsman

Ehre/Weisheit: Hunter


No one knows The Huntsman’s real name. The only story they got is that his wife and child were killed by a group of mercenaries, and he took them out with his ax. He didn’t handle the loss well and started drinking.

He ended up hired to help find a ‘criminal’ in the black forest as he was one of the few who could navigate through the woods and not get lost.

When he found the criminal, he was shocked it was a ten-year-old girl. Taking her into his care, he evaded other guards and took her to where he knew she would be safe.

When they got to the edge he screamed for her to run and held off the soldiers. As he fell, he saw arrows taking each down one by one. When his savior asked him if he wanted to live.

He wanted to say no to go this his wife and child, but instead said yes.

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