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Sylum Inspiration: Templeton Peck

Sylum Inspiration: Templeton Peck

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Left on the doorstep of Sacred Heart Orphanage in Los Angeles at the age of three, he didn’t even remember his true name. He took the name Templeton Peck because it sounded important and respectful. He learned from an early age that he had a beautiful smile and used it to get what he needed and wanted. There were very few people in the world he respected; the one man he looked to as a father figure was Father O’Malley at the Orphanage.

Father O’Malley pushed for Templeton to enter collage afraid he would be drafted into the War. Templeton enrolled at USC for the fall. During that summer, he worked his craft to earn enough to buy a ring for his high school sweetheart. When he showed up at her parents’ home to pick her up, he was informed that she had left, leaving him only a letter.

He joined the Army the next day.

His test results had the Army putting him in Officer Candidate School (OCS). The skills he showed during training led to his recruitment into Special Forces. It wasn’t long before he was shipped over to Vietnam holding the rank of Lieutenant, where he was recruited into a SOG Unit. After a failed mission, his unit was dismantled and he was placed under the command of Major Hannibal King. He became fast friends with the small unit, especially their pilot Humphrey Marrion Murdock.

On a routine mission they were ambushed and captured by the Vietcong and sent to a POW Camp. For reasons Templeton couldn’t explain, he was singled out of the unit to be interrogated. Each day it got worse and harder for him to hold on. After another grueling session he was thrown back into the cell. He knew he wasn’t going to live to see the morning. All he wanted was to say goodbye to Murdock and tell him he was sorry for leaving him again.

When Hannibal gave him another option, Templeton Peck took it and never looked back.

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