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Sylum Inspiration: Sir Galahad du Lac

Sylum Inspiration: Sir Galahad du Lac

Camelot: Second-in-Command

Galahad was born in France in the year 510AD (Dilios Note: Though there is some discrepancy of the date), the only child of the unmarried Elaine, herself the youngest daughter of Theodosis Meridius, he had no idea who fathered him.

He was singled out from a very early age for being a bright and noble young man with a quick wit and clever mind.

Determined to dedicate his existence to God, he was considered to be so pure of heart that his life was a gift from Heaven, but his lack of parental heritage meant he could not enter into a Monastic life.

Upon hearing of King Arthur’s Court he turned instead to thoughts of Knighthood and Chivalry, swearing himself to Arthur Pendragon and the pursuit of courage, dignity and honor.  Seeing his purity and decency, Arthur granted him Knighthood without question and had the young man of barely 14 years in age, trained to the highest standard in combat skills, horsemanship and all scholarly pursuits.

Galahad’s close personal friendship with Sir Gawain was thought to be that of two Mates who had yet to discover their Vampire destiny, but with the murder of Gawain, so Galahad became the first of Arthur’s Knights to step forward in the quest for the Holy Grail.

He returned two years later without the Sangreal but bearing with him tales of legend and miracle, having been visited in a vision by Joseph of Arimathea and been privileged to witness in a dream, the Rapture of Heaven.  His information proved the most reliable and trustworthy in the continuing hunt for the Cup of Christ.

Arthur took him into his total confidence upon this news and instructed him in the ways of the Vampire.


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