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Sylum Inspiration: Seth Gecko

Sylum Inspiration: Seth Gecko

Sanctuary Clan: Hunter


Seth and Richie Gecko, though not as famous outlaws as Dillinger or Bonnie and Clyde, had their fair share of infamous criminal glor.  They wreaked havoc across the western landscape of the US.

When Richie broke Seth out of jail, killing innocent people in the process, it was then Seth knew he had to get his brother out of the country.  He needed a place to stash Richie, and keep an eye on him – Seth had always known there was something wrong with his brother.

They traveled down to Mexico, stopping at an out of the way bar, only to end up in the middle of a Rogue hangout. Seth found himself fighting back to back with a cowboy and an English prick – later to be identified as Brisco Country Jr. and William Pratt.

In the middle of the battle he was dragged away from the main group.

When he woke up he was dead.

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