Sylum Inspiration: Patrick McKenna

Camelot: Member

Patrick was born in 1966AD, in Armagh, Northern Ireland to Mary Ann McKenna, a former Nun.  His biological father is unknown.

She raised him to be a devout Catholic, attending Mass every day of his life, and teaching him that God loved him, and He had a destiny waiting for him.

When he was six years old, he lost his mother in a UVF bombing at Armagh Cathedral – a protest against the visit by a Titular Archbishop on an Apostolic Mission from the Vatican, who had come to Ireland to try and broker peace.  The boy’s survival saw him labelled as ‘The Little Miracle of Saint Patrick’.

The Archbishop took Patrick back with him to Italy, formally adopting him, stating that he would raise the boy in God’s Church.

Patrick had the Vatican as his playground and school yard.  He remembered most fondly the Vatican Police officer who usually caught him running from the Nuns and dragged him back to his studies.

As he got older, he found himself talking with that same officer for hours, looking to him for wisdom and companionship.

Though he didn’t have to, when he was 18 he demanded that he follow through with his National Service to the Italian Military.  Though he never learned to use a gun, he excelled at flying helicopters.  Patrick never told the Vatican Police Officer, that he knew it was him who had made sure Patrick was safe during those two years.

When he returned, he dedicated his life to the Church, going through Seminary and becoming a Priest.  When his ‘father’ became Pope, he took the position as Camerlengo – much to the dismay of many older men in the Church who had sought the position for themselves.

He was proud to see his friend go on to become Inspector General of Vatican Police.

When his father suddenly died, he was devastated.

The night of Conclave 2006AD, everything changed.

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