Sylum Inspiration: Naomi Bennett

Ghost/Darkness: Member


Ask anyone who knows them and they will tell you that Naomi Bennett is the opposite of Addison Montgomery. Where Addison is that bright spark, Naomi is the quieter (and slightly more broody but she’s working on it) ember. She’s driven to succeed in the way that really focused people sometimes are: focused on the goal and not so great at some of the other things in life.

Naomi and Addison met in medical school and they became best friends. Where Addison is a rock star as a neonatal specialist, Naomi is the same as a fertility specialist, board-certified in reproductive endocrinology, obstetrics and gynecology.

In Naomi’s eyes, she’s done all the right things: gone to school, gotten a great career, married and had a daughter, named Maya. That’s why she’s broadsided when her husband, Sam, tells her he wants a divorce. When pressed for the reason why, he says he’s unhappy but also there’s no good reason beyond wanting to leave.

Addison walks back into Naomi’s life after a number of years looking for a change and wanting to have a baby. Although a baby is not in the cards, Naomi offers Addison the chance to join her practice, Oceanside Wellness Group, which Addison accepts.

There’s also another small wrinkle: the practice’s receptionist and midwife trainee, Dell Parker. Naomi tries to write off his feelings for her as a crush given their age difference. But there’s something about him that unnerves her in a way that she hadn’t expected. He also brings her cake which does nothing for her waistline.

When Maya becomes pregnant with a less than desirable boyfriend and Naomi loses it a little; (okay, she loses it a lot) Dell and Addison are there to talk her off the ledge.

Things go sideways when an accident puts both Dell and a laboring Maya in the hospital. Maya and her baby survive but Dell is down with a severe head injury that needs surgery, which is only stopped when Dr. Cooper Freedman comes forward and has to out Dell as a vampire to the rest of the practice.

When the dust settles, Dell takes Naomi aside and tells her everything.  He also tells her that she’s his mate.  That particular truth settles something inside of her and though she asks him for a little time to think about it, she already knows what her her heart says.

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