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Sylum Inspiration: Minerva

Sylum Inspiration: Minerva

The Vampire Council: Archivist/Librarian

Minerva was born into a small family working for an influential family. She was trained by her mother, to be a head servant and nurse to a powerful family. When she was old enough, she was hired onto to take care of the young children of a Magistrate.

It was here she met her husband, who was the kid’s tutor. He wooed, then asked for her hand in marriage, and despite the fact he had no lineage, she married him.

They lived with the family, having children of their own who were given greater opportunities than they had. Their oldest son went into the Army. Their daughter married a Merchant. Their third child, a son, remained as a retainer to the family, teaching the next generation.

The Magistrate family gifted them with a small house when they retired, where they were set to live out their remaining years.

She was shopping in one of the smaller markets, when Imenand approached her, and asked if he could accompany her. She informed him that she was married, and walked away. He sought her out the next week at the same market. This time he explained to her about Vampires and Mates. She listened intently, but at the end she went home to her husband. The next week she returned with him.

In the end, her husband let her go.

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  1. najean1

    I have always adored Minerva and Dame Maggie Smith who has played her and so many wonderful characterdsuch as Lady Violet in Downton’s Abbey and the very first show I actually remember seeing her perform, The Prime of Miss Jean Brody as Jean
    To have her for the image of Minerva, another role that nestles comfortably in my memories, is totally wonderful!
    —-Naj ❤❤

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