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Sylum Inspiration: Michael Westen

Sylum Inspiration: Michael Westen

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Michael Westen’s file is labeled RED, therefore most of it is classified.

What is known about Michael is that he’s the oldest son of Frank and Madeline Westen. He has a younger brother, Nate Westen. Michael and his father did not get alone, and many times Michael took a beating or two to protect his mother and brother.

At age seventeen he left home and joined the Army. He worked his way up the ranks, and became a Ranger. It has come to light recently that he was in Somalia, and his actions during that campaign had him recruited into Delta Force.

It was while he was in training he was recruited out of Delta into the CIA.

His career has been labeled classified. But it is known that he’s worked with Army Intelligence Officer Thomas Devoe and for a while was partnered with Larry Sizemore. It had taken Michael some time, but he was able to prove that he worked better on his own.

It was a mission in Ireland that he had met Fionna Glennanne. The two had fallen for each other, but Michael’s cover had been blown and he fled Ireland. He would not see her again until he was Burned and dumped in Miami.

In Miami he was reunited with Samuel Axe someone he’s worked with for over a decade. He’s also confronted with his mother, Maddie.

Between finding those who Burned him, helping others in need, and dealing with family. Michael was ready to go back to being a spy.

‘Management’ tries to control Michael’s life by making him do jobs for them. The few times he tries to get away from them, with help from others he pulled in deeper at some points skirting that line that he’s worked so hard never to cross.

It was on one of these jobs, that he got Jesse Porter Burned.  Desperate to get Jesse re-instated, find those who Burned him, and end this game – Michael went after John Barrett.

But before that meeting was to take place Michael was taken from an arranged meeting. He was confronted by Don Jon and Larry. Tired of his life being manipulated by everyone, Michael refused their offer.

Don Turned him anyways.

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