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Sylum Inspiration: Maximilian Cadbury

Sylum Inspiration: Maximilian Cadbury

Oceania: Clan Leader

Maximilian is from the Cadbury family. He doesn’t talk about it much, just that his brother was Richard, and his nephew was John, who went off to create Cadbury Chocolate. He was named after his own Uncle, who had left the Quaker community to marry a Catholic woman, and had left England.

His mother argued it would give the boy a bad influence.

Maximilian rebelled against his the Quaker influences in his life. He wanted an education, he wanted to live. He went against family orders, and went to University to earn a degree in law, wanting to help people.

It was in London he met Draco. He was impressed with the young man. It was Draco who helped him open a law office and start taking cases. Over the next years he kept contact with his family.

He lived a fast life. He was known around town for his fast horses and women. He was also known for a quick mind in and out of the courthouse, and not always taking cases that helped the rich and powerful.

When he took the case of Herbert Westminster, who was suing to get out of his contract with his employer, his life was destroyed. The evidence he had to push the Politician to end the man’s contract had marked him. The politician refused to bow to a Quaker and a servant and had a thug take them both out.

When Herbert stopped by Maximilian’s office, he found the lawyer laying in a pool of blood. It was quick thinking that got Draco to Maximilian’s side. He asked the man if he wanted to be saved. Maximilian laughed as he was Turned.

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