Sylum Inspiration: Lyca

Vampire Council: Member


Dilios Note: What we do know is they started life as wolves – well what Humans would call wolves, I’m not sure what the term for them was where they came from. They were protectors of ‘The Diplomat’ and first experiments of the ‘Wraith Cure’ from The Doctor. When the Wraith attacked Atlantis, they escaped through the Stargate along with Viduus to Earth.

The first time they lived as Human was the beginning of Ancient Rome. Rumors have it that it was Lyca, the she-wolf, that raised Remus and Romulus.

Sometime in AD, Lyca gave birth to three boys. This is when they state, they were fully Human, with the wolf heritage under the skins.

Dilios Note: The werewolf legend is likely to have come from them. Though they don’t have to turn at the full moon, it does bring more animal instincts out.

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