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Sylum Inspiration: José Chavez

Sylum Inspiration: José Chavez

Border: Co-Leader

José’s mother was Navajo and father was from Mexico.  When he was young, his father disappeared, never to return, and his mother took him back to her people, where he learned about his Navajo heritage.  After they return, he was invited into the Medicine Man’s sweat lodge, and was told that one day he would meet a man who had survived death, and his life would be forfeit to him, but it would bring him eternity with his soulmate.  Soon after, his small village was destroyed by a band of Apache.  He survived the attack and was found by Mexican farmers, who took him to the nearest town.  José was given his father’s name and educated by the Catholic Church.

He ran away when he was sixteen, and spent years stealing food and money for shelter until he was caught by Tunstal.  The Englishman took him in and gave him a place to stay on the agreement he help worked the Ranch.  His life changed, the moment he met Josiah Scurlock and fell in love.  He didn’t know how to express his feelings to the other man, and over time he became content to be next to Josiah.

Fate soon found him riding with Billy the Kid and the Regulators.  As each day passed he felt the life the Medicine Man had described, slip  through his fingers.  He lost all hope when he watched Doc get shot down.  Wounded himself, he rode out into the desert to die in peace only to look up into the brilliant eyes of his soulmate.


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