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Sylum Inspiration: John Rhys

Sylum Inspiration: John Rhys

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John Rhys was born in Abereiddy, Wales, to a fisherman family.  He was always on the edge of the society, not fitting in very well.  He fell in love with the landowners daughter, Mari.  She was forbidden to be with him, but it didn’t stop them from seeing each other.  When she discovered she was pregnant she ran away, finding herself in a Monastery seeking sanctuary, not soon after John found her.  He married her instantly, and the two stayed with the Monks, Mari cooking, while John helped with Hunting for food and taking care of the grounds.  Tragedy struck the small family, when Mari died in childbirth, leaving John with a son.  He knew he wasn’t in a position to take care of the young child, so left him with the Fr. Dewey and set out to find work.

As he made his way towards a larger city, he came across a young woman being chased by a group of men.  Without thinking he pulled his sword and confronted the attackers, defeating all of them.  He discovered the young girl was Gwenhwyfar, the daughter to King Leodegrance. He escorted her back to her castle, and her father promptly awarded (though John wondered if it was punishment) the position of Head Guard.

Over the years, John became the big brother to Gwen, and was one of the few people she trusted.   She was also one of the few that new of his son, and made sure money was sent to the Monastery for his education.

When she was set to marry King Arthur of Britain, John organized and guarded her wedding train, only to be betrayed from someone on the inside, leading to the train being attacked and Gwen being kidnapped.

John took down over half the raiders, and even with an arrow in his side traveled and fought with Arthur, Lancelot, and Galahad to get the future Queen back.  It was on the journey back, he finally fell to his wounds, and Nico refused to loose his first born child, Meridia.

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