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Sylum Inspiration: Jocelyn Carter

Sylum Inspiration: Jocelyn Carter

Tallikut: Hunter

Carter grew up in New York, and was always that person who was going to do something.  She ended up joining the Army, where she met Paul.  The two married and they had their son Taylor.   She ended up back in Afghanistan for a year, then moved to Iran.  She was a trained military interrogator, and had secured information that saved many lives.

Though she will tell you there are also regrets and lost lives she still deals with.

She returned to New York, and joined the NYPD.  Paul returned soon after, but was dealing with PTSD but refused to get treatment.  She refused to let him see their son, until he did.  He disappeared.

She worked up the ranks until she became a Detective in the Major Crimes Squad.

Then she met John Reese.  He had been attacked on the subway by known punk arms dealer.  He had got the best of them, she had tried to get his prints but nothing seemed to stick.  She searched for months, following the path of the ‘Man in the Suit’.

Her life changed when he saved her life, she began to lean towards helping him, instead of catching him.  When the CIA used her to betray him, she added the moment to her long list of regrets, but this time she decided to do something about it.

She started to help him with the cases, always curious of how he was getting the information, but figured it had something to do with his partner Harold Finch.

Her life changed again when she discovered they were Vampires.  After seeing John jump across a four lane highway to get to another building to save Finch, she couldn’t doubt the truth.  She also learned about Mates, and Fusco owed her $50 since she called Finch and Reese were lovers.

When John sat her down to explain more about Mates, she was confused until Zoe Morgan sat down next to him.  She was appreciative to Zoe for taking her time courting and answering her questions.  She finally sat down with her son … who told her to go for it.

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