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Sylum Inspiration: James Harrison

Sylum Inspiration: James Harrison

Oceania/Serenity: Member


James has been a fisherman his entire life. Born and bred, it’s in his blood and he’s brought his family into the fishing business with him. But fishing in the Bering Sea is rough, and it can be costly-not only for your boat, but for your life.

He lost his wife to cancer, six months after she gave birth to their son, Stephen. James spread her ashes at Sea, then took his six month old out crab fishing. James raised his son on the Calico Sky, educated him with a unique style and teaching him to be a fisherman.
James became fast friends with fellow fisherman Liefr Nordman and Randolph Andrews. It wasn’t long before he figured out both of their secrets. The introduction to Captain Jack Aubrey confirmed all of James’ suspicions.

James was approached by Wayne Studios to work on a new show, featuring their life Crab Hunting. At first he was hesitant, but after meeting the producer Frank Hurley, he agreed to allow them on board the Calico Sky.

A strong friendship was struck with Frank Hurley over many hours in the Wheel House, and when a Rogue wave broadsided the Calico Sky, injuring James, there was no doubt in James’ mind the answer he would give Hurley.

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